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Thread: Blues anyone?

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    Blues anyone?

    Music is such a great expression of what a person may feel and it touches us many times, I believe. In my home my parents had different tastes in music. I noticed my Mom was sort of a nostalgic and romantic person. My Dad's tastes were more happy and he loved what we called "Corridos". These songs are stories of men/women in Mexican history. They would tease each other for what the other liked. I learned to enjoy a variety of music since one of my older brother loved to play the guitar and would play a lot of the currently popular trios. I have such sweet memories of my childhood. Since we were eight siblings, I was introduced into many different tastes in music. It expanded and opened my mind so that even now, I have learned to love most all type of music.

    Anyways, some more of the types of music that I like is Power Metal and the Blues. I will later on start a thread on Power Metal music but for the time being this will be about the Blues. Hopefully, there are others who like this genre of music. BB King is one wonderful blues player but the following one is one of my favorites.


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    I am a major blues fan. I love the old classics by Bessie Smith, Billie Holliday, Ruth Brown, and so many others. If there is any single type of music that my soul relates to it is blues. The Chess recordings are among some of the best for collectors.

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    B.B. King The Thrill is Gone
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    And I like the blues. My favorite is Billie Holiday.

    And even my in little Norway have been on consert with B.B.King.
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    Quote Originally Posted by woman from Europe View Post

    And even my in little Norway have been on consert with B.B.King.
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    I like the Robert Johnson-era kind of blues. I always thought Billie Holiday was more of a jazz singer? I like her too.

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    Chris, I found out that what I thought were oldies also are considered blues. Used to listen to them and had been doing some searches so I could hear them once more. The problem was that I couldn't remember who or what group or band played them. I finally found them. They are pretty old and possibly either don't recall them or haven't heard them but old me. Btw, aren't Jazz and Blues in the same group/category?

    Billy Vaughn - Raunchy

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    I grew up with jazz music. My father loved Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong. I even made them play jazz in his funeral and no hymns.
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    I like the last one you post Raven. I love the saxophone!

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