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    just thinking of you and hoping you are out of harm's way.
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    Hope you are safe. I think about you every time I see the news or it's brought up in conversation.

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    Hope all is well with you.You're in our thought's and prayers.
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    Same here Mimi. That's a lot of scary stuff going on. Post when you can.

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    I believe Mimi lives in the Jerusalem area, which is not within rocket range of Gaza (with the rockets Hamas is using now anyway).

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    Thank you. As Zero said, I live in Jerusalem which is out of rocket range but it's scary to hear every day that the Hamas rockets and missiles keep increasing their range. I feel so helpless and I wish I could do something to support my country. Meanwhile life goes on here while ppl in the South are living in their secure rooms (don't know the word in English).

    Besides that, I'm feeling kinda down; partly the winter blues and also a friend who helped my mother and I a lot when I was in rehab passed away from cancer.Anyway, doing better now, had some friends for dinner which was nice. W/e, off-topic...
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    glad to hear that you are safe mimin.damn wars and politics.
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    How can you "be off topic" when this thread is for and about you?

    I'm happy to "see" you here and know you are safe.

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    I wish you the best Mimim. All I can tell you is that I as a jew myself have witnessed hatred just because I was born a jew. I'm not religious at all, yet I am pegged as a jew and hated. The hatred in this world is still overlooked. I don't even trust Bush as his love affair with Jews is only for his betterment, but I for one minute would not think in back of those conservatives minds is the words you jew bastard.

    Hamas sends rockets, the Israelis retaliate and the Jews are blamed.

    However, I do believe there are people, good people who see through the hate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mimi
    ...ppl in the South are living in their secure rooms (don't know the word in English)...
    Bomb shelters.

    I'm glad you're not in range and hope they don't come any closer. I hope the rockets stop all together actually.

    On the other topic, I'm sorry you lost your good friend. Very sad.

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