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Thread: Kidney stones & pain in hip. & Remedy!

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    Kidney stones & pain in hip. & Remedy!

    Every time I get a kidney stone it makes itself known with this pain in my hip. I get down on the floor, wallow around, it feels like a pinched nerve or badly pulled muscle. It always takes a while to remember "Wait. I've done this before."

    I was at my M-I-L's on Christmas night, wallowing on the floor. Got dizzy, nauseous, finally kind of tearfully asked hubs to take me to the motel. Thought I was just overextended. The hip thing went on, and on, and on. We just came on home. Yesterday the pain started up my side and got to my kidney. Ah ha!

    Why does the pain START in my hip? Is that some weird SCI thing?

    A natural remedy for kidney stones = 2 oz olive oil, 2 oz lemon juice, mix and chug, follow by big glass of water. You have to be hurting to do this, it's foul. But I think it helps! I'm tender on that side today but the stabbing and burning is gone.

    Also I finally read there is a connection between thyroid disorders and kidney stones. THAT explained a lot, to me. They both came on at the same time, for me. And the stones come when I'm stressed and over-extended.

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    It depends on exactly where the stone is located as to where the pain is. That might explain why you are hurting in the hip. Remember the big thing is to drink enough to help prevent them. I do know that not all of them are preventable- no matter how much you drink... or do everything that you need to.


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    I know you are pretty incomplete, so this might not apply, but when I have pain, and I can;t properly feel it, it shows up somewhere else. (Infected toe = severe back pain). Could that be part of it.
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    There is a condition called referred pain which means the problem is in one part but your pain is in another. Heart attack is a good example, as some people only have jaw or arm pain.

    It has happened to me with a bad tooth.

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    Get well Bethany. I'm sorry you're hurting.
    I'll be praying for you. {hugs}

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    Kidney stones ARE kind of known for referred pain, even in ABs, so that's probably it. I spoke too soon, it got pretty uncomfortable again last night. And it's not my favorite thing this morning either! Stone, stone, go away...

    No more olive oil. It really cleans out your intestines!

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    Kidney stones and Hip pain

    Hi Betheny,
    I was searching Google for answers to my Kidney problems when I found your thred. You are not alone! I get the traditional back ache along with very bad pains in my Hip on the side I have the Kidney stone. The pain is unreal, and yes dizzy, vomiting and then off to hospital normally.

    I passed two stones three weeks ago, and now I've another, it's a killer, dosed up on Tramadol, I have high calcium and phosphate levels and am in for ANOTHER IVP on the 10th. So I know what your going through weekly blood and Urine tests........

    All the VERY best, hope you pass it soon!

    ps: Try drinking 2Ltrs of Cranberry juice a day, something that is a least 25% Cranberry concentrate per 1Ltr - Antioxidants.
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