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Thread: nerve pain anybody try this?

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    Never heard of this, doubt it's success
    C5/C6 complete

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    Sounds like an expensive tens machine. I had a tens unit and it did nothing to help but remind me every morning that i needed someone to help me get the darn thing hooked up on me which was depressing.

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    I started raising the BS flag with the first paragraph.
    According to The National Institutes of Health, neuropathy and its associated numbness can result in skin infections that can lead to gangrene (amputations) and MRSA (a staff infection that does not respond to antibiotics.)
    Poor circulation can lead to neuropathy, and can cause these other problems, but neuropathy itself doesn't cause this sort of thing. It sounds like the only type of neuropathy they're considering is diabetic neuropathy but even then I'm very skeptical of their product, considering how their website comes across.

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    I got as far as the third paragraph where they say that a diagnosis of Neuropathy will go on my "permanent record".

    Let's see:

    1. Does not work or play well with others
    2. Runs with scissors- or at least I used to
    3. Neuropathy

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    I have this. It does relieve my leg (calf) pain. I've not used the foot-bath; I have the electric pads put on my feet. Sometimes I see my calf or thigh twitching.
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    I've had the 2407 rebuilder for several years. helped with my numbness and drop foot. Wife used it for her burning feet. Neither of us have a spinal cord injury though. You may want to call them to discuss your injury to see if it can help you.

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    I just hate these kinds of ads/ claims, they feed off our desperation for ANY relief, I always ask myself "does this sound to good to be true "? Plus $1600+ really....

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