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Thread: The purpose of the Legislative Advocacy forum

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    The purpose of the Legislative Advocacy forum

    This forum was conceived, went through gestation, labor and birth in about 5 minutes at the open house tonight!

    We were having a discussion re the upcoming New Jersey stem cell bill, and writing our legislators in support of the bill. Someone brought up creating an email list to notify people, and Wise generously offered to create a forum for that purpose.

    So - I'm going to ask all of you for your help; those of you who have posted on upcoming bills, and where to write in support, this is your forum! We'll need lists of state and federal legislators. If you have a copy of an upcoming bill, please feel free to post the bill itself, or a link to the bill.

    TO MAX: You are a wealth of information, my friend, but I am going to ask you from the outset to only post articles here relevant to SCI legislation and advocacy. Thanks!

    With everyone's help, this forum can develop into a great tool to help 'get the word' out.

    Thanks to all in advance. Jackie

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    Quest for Cure

    Can we start by posting a link to each state and their represeantative for Quest for Cure. Then everyone will have a "local base" to move through.

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    Marmalady, I have asked Patricia Morton (Patricia) to help you moderate this forum. There is too much work and, busy though she is, I thought that she would be the best person to help. Wise.

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