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Thread: how to find a friendly visitor - bronx, ny

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    how to find a friendly visitor - bronx, ny

    i am trying to find a friendly visitor for my mother in the bronx, ny. she has many interests - movies, books, politics. she would get a real lift from a person coming in and paying attention: to talk, maybe help her fix her hair, etc to make her feel a little special again. i am thinking more of a volunteer. any suggestions about where to find such an angel would be most welcome.

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    Does she or you have the spinal cord injury? How old is she? Does she need skilled nursing care? How far do you live from her?

    It is unlikely you will find any free or volunteer services for this unless you mother is on hospice care. Most people either pay for adult day health programs (where she would go to them) or pay for personal care attendant or "homemaker" or "companion" care in the home. Unless she is very low income, it is unlikely she is eligible for state or county funded services in this area.

    You might also be able to get visitors from her church or synagog if she is or has been an active member in the past.


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