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Thread: Any Classical Music Fans/musicians?

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    Claire de Lune & Moonlight Sonata! I love piano pieces.

    I too love piano pieces. The first piece I learned was Moonlight Sonata, it remains my favorite.

    I've kept my music, but have doubts the piano will ever be replaced. Does'nt cost anything to hope.

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    I have been listening to Bach's Mass in B Minor, and highlights of the St. Matthews Passion, and tossing in Beethoven's Misa Solemnis, Brahm's German Requiem too. I go through these themes often. Anways, I heard the Mass in B minor performed a few weeks ago and was blown away at its beauty. All period instruments and great acoustics in the Mondavi Center in Davis , California. Performed by the American Bach Soloists.

    Anyone else a fan of these large choral works?

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    I played 1st horn in the German Requiem a few years ago. It was very fulfilling.
    You would probably like Haydn's Creation - perhaps one of his most ambitious pieces. Some very nice effects - in the beginning, the music is formless, never resolving satisfactorily; Haydn is conveying chaos. But when the chorus sings "let there be light" there's a burst of sound, and the chords suddenly all start to make sense and are well defined. Geat music.
    - Richard

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    You are right. I have to get a copy of Haydn's creation. That is cool that you played the German Requiem - so beautiful....

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