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Thread: Welcome to the Music Forum

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    Welcome to the Music Forum

    At the request of several members, I have created this forum for members to discuss and exchange views about music. Please be respectful of copyrighted materials. Enjoy. Wise.

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    Armik and Paganini are my choice any given day.

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    Senior Member ChipS's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    Stone Creek, Ohio
    Thanks for the new forum! I've always thought that such a forum should exist. I forsee some really good things here.

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    Well, this will be a holiday treat for many members. Thanks, Wise!

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    Senior Member lynnifer's Avatar
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    Wow ... mods are always the last to know! lol Cool forum though!
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    Oh! Oh! Oh! Can I mod this forum? I promise I'll behave! Great idea btw.

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    Music gets me through the days. Thanks for the forum.

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    Christopher as moderator

    I have asked Christopher to be a moderator of the Movies and Music Forum. Wise.

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    Mwah ha ha! My plan for world domination is coming to fruition!

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    Quote Originally Posted by christopher View Post
    Mwah ha ha! My plan for world domination is coming to fruition!
    You have to buy a white cat now Blofeld.......

    C5/6 incomplete

    "I assume you all have guns and crack....."

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