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Thread: Wheelchairs and Snow How Do You Do It?

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    I have a "backup chair" with mountain bike tires it increases ability to push through snow at least 50%. I have a snow plow guy who is supposed to keep my driveway open but because he does his commercial customers 1st I usually shovel my own drive using just a manual snow shovel. I have been able to shovel successfully as much as 11" of snowfall. My technique is to flip the blade of the shovel to clear a path. With this technique you have to move the same snow numerous times but it works. With light snow (not wet) I just shovel normally. My drive has a steep angle so I am shoveling uphill - this works OK as long as you can reach your brakes quickly to lock up before you roll back down after repositioning yourself (scissor brakes suck). When using mountain bike tires in the snow be sure to have water proof gloves selected for a "grippy surface" on the palms. Push just on the tire treads because the wet and icy pushrims provide no grip.

    This past week I was at the top of my drive finishing the last bit of snow when the county snowplow came down the road leaving big snow piles at the top of each drive. I intentionally kept my position thinking he would veer out into the road to avoid me thus sparing the big pile at the top of the drive. No way, he kept his line and a 3 foot avalanche of snow buried my right wheel ond shoved me sideways about a foot. The driver apparently seeing this stopped the truck, jumped out, grabbed my shovel and removed the snow blockade he had just created. Seeing my advantage I played the "wheelchair card" and asked him to try to reveal the sewer grates on the opposite side of the street when he did his pass in that direction. He willingly complied and yesterday and today during the big thaw we have running drains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marcielynne View Post
    I live in Northwest Washington and I have learned that wrapping bunge cords around your tires really grip and help tread through the snow!!!
    Hey bunge cord girl!! It's me your favorite partner in crime. We gotta get together. Maybe I can get over your way if I try the bunge cords cause my apt complex is still a mess, and we're a pretty sad looking bunch over here with people dragging me backwards through the snow.
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    You can see here how far I am coming. And I want to reach the grey house in the end because that is the street with shops. Most of the time it is a lot of snow up with the bar because they have shuffled the snow from the street there. The sidewalkes is imposseble, full of snow. I have tried with mountain bike tires but since the snow is full of salt it is sitting in the tires.
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    I too have the same problem with the snow but like others, I use side guards and wear gloves in the winter. I used to hate winter but now that I got a snowmobile. look out town, here I come! BTW, I live in a small community so everyone know everyone. I can drive right up to the coffee shop on my sled and they serve me there. LOL - also have a golf cart with mudders on the back that can go through 8" of snow no problem! I also have 2 boys that push me if the snow is too deep. I purchsed a snow blower that is 30" wide, self propelled so I strap the chair to the blower and drive all over the driveway getting rid of the snow. Don't let it slow you down people, go out and have fun! Nothing like a snowball fight with your kids! Payback! lol!

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    Snow is horrible to wheel through, but ice is worse. We went to my Mothers for Christmas and her driveway was a sheet of ice. I was going nowhere fast.
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    The thing about living in New England is that it is a trade off. We don't get mudslide, or firestorms, scarcely an earthquake or tornado, BUT we have to put up with snow. It is a bitch, plain and simple. It does corrode the wheelchair frame eventually. I live in a condo now so instead of coming directly to my unit (hardwood floors!) I spend some time trying to be casual about it as I go up and down the carpeted hallways in the common area trying to get as much of the wet and salt off as possible.

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    We have hardwood to, I've always just put a towel down and melted on that. Before I come in if I'm really snowy I use a hand brush to swipe it off. Really deep snow you have to do a wheelie through or you'll just plow.

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    But I can't make a wheelie for 200 meters. I have a Permobil Trax and it is working great in snow but is not very helpful because it is 200 kilograms and nobody can lift it up and down the stairs to the shops. And the turing radius inside is terrible, no shop is big enough, not the farmacy or my doctors office.
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    I live in a ski town year round. I use two chairs, one summer and one for winter. In the summer I use a Quickie Titanium and in the summer I use the iGlide. With the iGlide I can go through about a foot of snow (if it is not wet snow). Most of the disabled ski team that trains and races here just use regular chairs and mountain bike tires and are able to wheele through the snow with not problem if it is not to deep. I have only gotten stuck once when I could not get up my ramp, I think we had about a foot and a half of snow, I pulled out my cell phone and called a friend and got out just fine and into my apartment. Being a ski town they keep the roads and sidewalks very clear.

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    It is a bitch, wheelchairs and snow don't mix very well together unless your on a smooth plowed surface. Having a chair like this might help.
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