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Thread: Please tell me what my problem is!

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    Big Dave,

    My spasticity and tremors are always a flag that I'm aggravating my AD.
    I trigger AD mostly with mechanisms that could not be associated with pain. Listening to music and pleasant conversation have triggered AD. It's like trying to run an appliance on a damaged extension cord, you will eventually blow a fuse and damage the cord further. It can be everything that you hear, see, smell etc. I hate my AD but I'm also strangely fascinated by it. I hope you find that triggering mechanism soon.


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    Thanks, guys.
    Well, I checked my toenails, and they're fine. My pee feelings that I've been getting even with an empty bladder are now occurring very infrequently. And I should mention, I would sometimes get them while lying on my right side, too, so it's difficult finding a constant. Basically now I'm wondering why I'm getting these intense spasms in my legs.

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    Are the intense spasms occurring at any one time in the day? Do they occur with any specific activity? Any specific position?

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    The spasms are very strong when I wake up. After my morning stretches, they are fine. They start to get strong again in the afternoon, and by bedtime, they are very strong again.

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    hmmm.. I didn't know that the "leg spasms" were usually from having to go pee... I get them severely every night with AD... but I can't always find the problem.
    i hope yours has resolved. take care


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    Dave, those sound exactly like the symptoms I get when I have bladder stones. I hope they looked for bladder stones when they checked for kidney sones.

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    I am 30 years post injury. I have always loved sleeping on my right side, but now I rarely roll to that side due to intense hip pain. My primary doc ordered an x-ray of the hip. Diagnosis: arthritis!

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