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Thread: Popping in back/neck

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    Popping in back/neck

    For about the past month, I've had a popping/cracking in my back or neck. I think it's my neck, but I can't quite tell. It doesn't hurt, but it's annoying and worrisome. It happens frequently. Like pretty much anytime I move.

    My rods go from the top of my spine to the bottom and I've had them for about 25 years.

    I will be seeing my doctor about this, but I first wanted to ask for advice here.


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    This is most likely an aging issue and would not be a common symptom of problems with rods left in place this long. Do mention to your physician when you see them next, but it is unlikely that it requires any treatment.


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    Really? At age 38? And I'll just have to live with it forever? Yikes.

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    I've had this for over a decade. I'm 47 now. My physiatrist back then said it's normal. He said he had the same problem even though AB. It happens most often to me when I turn and twist, usually in bed.
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    I have it too.Sometimes I think I'm snapping something.Annoying for sure.After doing shrugs either way I turn my head it pops.
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    Shannon praying it's nothing serious. Take care. (hugs)

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    Well it sounds like it's nothing serious, so that's very good news. It's disappointing to hear that I'll just have to live with it though.

    Thanks to all!

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