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    New Here

    Greetings to all. I was diagnosed with MS in April 2008 after a decade-long process of trying to unravel a confusing symptom picture. All of my lesions are in the cervical and thoracic cords, along with cervical spondylosis, spurring and narrowing. I also have RSD (post-ganglion cyst excision) and multiple perineural sacral cysts, so it has been difficult to get a handle on things. Lumbar puncture and MRIs seem to have fixed the main diagnosis.

    Everyone on this forum understands the uncertainty, fear and seemingly endless questions that accompany SCI and neurological disorders, and I appreciate the level of sharing and information here.

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    Welcome to Care Cure Bonnette. Sounds like a lot of things going on all at once. You are sure to get good advice here.

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    Welcome Bonnette! This is a great site for information, sharing, and support.

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    Did they by any chance do a blood test for Devic's on you?

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    Thank you for your warm greetings!

    Amelia, I did have blood drawn for the Devic's test, but my neuro cancelled the analysis because she "didn't need it anymore" after seeing the LP and MRI results. She said that the spinal fluid showed more than one oligoclonal band and a high IgG index; also, my plaques, while they are located at several levels, are distinct and do not present the elongated appearance of Devic's lesions. In addition, I have no history of optic neuritis. I do wish she had gone ahead and sent my sample to Mayo for the Devic's test, just for the sake of completeness.

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    Welcome Bonnette.

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    Welcome to CareCure Bonnette!
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    Welcome aboard Bonnette. Looing forward to your posts.
    You C.A.N.
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    Thank you kindly, I really appreciate your welcomes!

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