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Thread: Pain and Politics

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    Pain and Politics

    I have decided that I have let my posts degenerate into politics. For this I apologize to all concerned. From now on, I plan to keep my politics to myself. I still have plenty to talk about with the pain.

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    Why the apology? Just post in the politics forum if you have poitical matters on your mind.
    C5/C6 complete

    "I knew all the rules but the rules did not know me guaranteed..." - Eddie Vedder

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    better not divide yourself

    Dijerine, your posts without the political punctuations will have far less impact, will be less informative and far less relevant!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by onolan View Post
    Dijerine, your posts without the political punctuations will have far less impact, will be less informative and far less relevant!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hi dijerine,
    You don't have to have a PHD or high intelligent to post in the political forum. Just stick to the point of the tread and express you opinion. If you have an opinion say about stem cell research, you almost have to post in the political forum. Most people are very nice and if they don't agree they will agree to disagree. Some others who aren't so nice, forget about them; everyone else has..

    "God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, The courage to change the things we can, And the wisdom to know the difference."

    Serenity Prayer

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    Thank you for your post. As you can imagine, I appreciate your kindly remarks.

    There is a bell shaped curve of Central Pain severity, and none of us knows where we or anyone else stands in relation to the central peak. As Letype Francaise said, Until we have an instrument to measure pain, we will be wildly guessing. The most severe dare not post here, for the most part, because they know they are outliers.

    My problem is that for me, having central pain and the necessity of doing whatever it takes to relieve it are so tightly wrapped that my vision on the matter is clouded. In the recent rejection of the fake Holocaust story, "Angel at the Fence" a commentator said "The Holocaust is not heart warming, it is heart rending". I have long had a problem with heartwarming comments about central pain. I think it could better be summed up in a scream, (witness Alan's ironic "inspirational thought" he used to post as a parody) but that is clearly pointless, so I have funneled my feelings into a vigorous assault on barriers to research. Research is the other side of unbearable pain and I see them as one and the same issue.

    This is not how the majority here views things, so I think I am just abrasive to some. I think my letters should go to the academics, not to the averaging phenomenon I see at this site. On average, people are getting by, but there are some, well away from the middle of the bell shaped curve, whose condition mandates action. I am focused on those, like Alan, who hang by a thread. CP actually differs in severity and its victims vary widely on resources available to them. Others see CP as a constant and any variations in the comments a function of our ability to deal. There is some of both, as I see it, but I am not willing to admit that what drives me to wear abbreviated clothing and no shoes out into the subzero cold has anything to do with my mind. I am trying to avoid pain. When I must, I wear clothing. As to shoes, Crocs have saved me.

    My cord is hypersensitized to the sensation of light touch, and that is that. You can slug me as hard as you wish and I will not protest. When I was in high school, my buddies and I did this sort of thing as recreational games and none of us ever thought we were weak. Nociceptive experiences I handle well. When my feet freeze, on the way down, it hurts, but there is a moment of diminution of the burning pain, and when they thaw, that is when they burn more than before. I realize this sounds nuts, but I am not nuts, rather CP is nuts. However, notwithstanding this post, I am sane enough not to run around saying to people "I am not nuts" because that is exactly what such proclamations seem to affirm.

    I can see the humor, AND the price for it. I get up each day wondering whom I can influence to do pain research. That is how determined I am to see this thing defeated. However, others would rather read something else, and I do not blame them. We each have our perspective but I think mine is a little too extreme. Whether it is cancer, birth defects, or anything else, I do not believe in neglect of the self, nor do I see it as an expression of piety to ACCEPT any evil. "Physical pain is the greatest evil"---Augustine.

    So you can see that I am in trouble not only for being political, but also for not signing on to the religious view that God wills our pain. The story of the Good Samaritan seems to carry a different message, to me. We are to relieve pain, not accept it. I find the story of Jonas Salk particularly inspiring, likewise Walter Reed, and also Morton, who discovered ether. In our own time, we have witnessed a tremendously courageous heart in Christopher Reeve. No doubt he borrowed some of his courage and drive from Dr. Young.

    Human charitable acts are the business of angels. That is my religion. I see angels as very practical beings, and feel we become angels if we help others who cannot help themselves. You don't have to have a halo to do something blessed. I feel the head of surgery at Rancho Los Amigos was an angel, and there are others.

    Physical demonstrations accomplish nothing, for some reason. Early in CP, I challenged skeptics to holding our hands together over a bunsen burner, to see who flinched first, in the hopes of removing any misconceptions they had about my burning being rooted in weakness. I did the same with capsaicin. NOTHING had the slightest effect on stopping them from saying, "Well, you know, some people don't have the right atitude about pain"

    I eventually realized the average person was not capable of understanding, so I have worked on the PHD's. They have rat models for CP and can see for themselves that it causes violent reactions. You cannot keep rats around the house who will chew off their legs, just to convince your neighbor that CP is bad and that you are in pain. I did and still do believe HEALTHY people are best able to do the heavy hauling on getting government moving in funding pain research. Thus, I approached quite a few people. They thought the pictures of self amputee rats morbid, and so it had the opposite effect from the desired. You cannot talk outside of someone's frame of reference. If I smiled when I spoke of my pain, they were so much more likely to believe me, which is a bizarre situation to be in. If I said I bought into their herbs, magnets, ionized water, etc. they actually came around. Who was the nutty person there?

    It is necessary to give up the desire to be understood, and it is probably a character weakness in me that I desire it. I remember counseling of Vietnamese boat people. They had been through things so terrible on those boats and in the camps that they did not want to discuss it. Without exception they felt they had lost their humanity and felt their huma dignity violated to the point they did not choose to discuss it with anyone who hadn't been there. I think they had the right idea.

    You may remember the famous debate between Primo Levi and the two sisters, also survivors of Auschwitz, who refused to tell about the Holocaust. Levi kept trying to get them to speak out, but they insisted it was too painful to be doubted, cross examined, and subjected to skepticism about things so deep in them. Levi was aware of the problem and got around it by writing in absolutely unemotional terms. That is what I am trying for. Alan did a good job of it in "Reality CP".

    Inspirational thoughts:

    Unbearable pain is not so bad, if you just bear it.

    There are no human limits, only humans who imagine they have limits.

    A furnace is only as hot as you imagine it is.

    Some weak people act weak, but strong people never do, no matter what.

    Surgical anesthesia is the opiate of the people.

    Root canals are good for building character, better if you refuse the carbocaine and think on waves, clouds, and pasta.

    Tears are the dew distilling from heaven. Encourage them whenever you can--not in others, only in yourself. God admires none of his children like those who relish sorrow, grief, and suffering. In doing so, we draw close to heaven. Hair shirts are good too.

    Women are supposed to suffer in childbirth. How else can they be saved?

    Magic crystals make wonderful deodorant, provided you don't sit too close.

    If you think hard enough, your beard will quit growing, and you won't have to shave. The mind is that strong.

    By taking thought, you can add many cubits to your stature. So go ahead. What are you waiting for? (Matt 6:27, Luke 12:25)

    Baldness is a state of mind. The hair is there, you just can't see it.

    And finally, for real

    When thought becomes excessively painful, action is the finest remedy.
    - Salman Rushdie
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    I loved your post and will make it a point to look for them in future. I have long thought when they ask you your level of pain between 1 and 10 there was a level of insanity on the askers part. So many people seem to think that they must say 10 to get what they want or need without thought to the fact that if pain only has 10 levels and you are stating you are at the maximum you should not be able to speak for the screams insuing. My pain is my own, how i choose to deal with it is an integeral part of who i am as i have lived the majority of my life in pain. Some pain, while severe, can be ignored. I find the further the pain is from my head the better able i am to cope with it.

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    if on a one to ten i am two then if i am at two always that is worse to me than bein an 8 or 9 once in a while. fucking insanity! i live at 2 and 3... that is why i am insane.

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    Your post raises a very important point. A sack of groceries coming in from the car is not too bad, but after a couple of blocks it gets very heavy for a person. I believe the same can be said for what percentage of the body is involved in burning. I can let a little area burn away and just be very annoyed. But blanket me in it, put it inside my mouth, on my corneas, in my dura, etc. and you have really got me. We need some kind of three dimensional pain grid. It could ask us to rate how bad the pain is three ways, such as how severe it is, what percentage of the time it is there, and what proportion of our body it involves. This would give a better measure than the wildly oversimplified, 1-10.

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