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Thread: What do you think?

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    Question What do you think?

    We picked the babies name.Her name will be

    Bryleigh Paige Bergeron
    Be yourself!!!
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    Good choice. Where did you see or hear that before Geno????
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom92 View Post
    Good choice. Where did you see or hear that before Geno????
    Thanks man.I've heard it but not sure where.My wife said Bryleigh and said
    Be yourself!!!
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    How do you pronounce it? Bri (with the "i" like in "eye") -lee?

    I like interesting names. Too many Matthews and Jessicas.

    Topanga;s sis needs something unique!
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    I'm only hesitant in that it will take 8yrs before she can spell Bryleigh! I admit I've never heard it before - it might grow on me. Guess I don't have a say ultimately anyway, do I - lol!

    I admit to rejecting Topanga at first and now I think it's unique and suits her well!

    I like the old fashioned Sarah or Mary. Cassandra for Cass or Cassie.

    How about another T-name? Topanga and ... Tiara? Tootie? Trystie?

    I guess I'm not very good at this ... carry on then ... lol ... still major congrats Geno and thanks for sharing this with us!
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    It's a pretty name with a happy sound.

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    I love the name Bryleigh Paige. It's perfect!

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    it's grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!
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    Lovely name .... lovely family blessings Geno !!

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    Great name (says grandmother of a Brylinn). Congratulations on the new baby girl.

    Only hesitant because spelling it to others will take up half of her lifetime. The less unusual the spelling, the better for her and every person who has to ask "How do you spell that?".

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