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Thread: Handcycle Marathon ?'s...

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    Handcycle Marathon ?'s...

    I have found some marathons in my are (4-5 hr drive) and was needing some answers.
    Are there times that you have to make to enter the marathon? How does the handcycle class generally work in marathons?

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    I used to be a wheelchair roadracer. I did what used to be the Detroit Free Press Marathon about 15 times. They now have a good sized handcycle division and there is no qualifying time required. The only marathon I am aware of with a qualifying time is Boston.

    Detroit is an international marathon, you go through the Detroit/Windsor Tunnel to Windsor, Ontario and hug the detroit River shoreline (scenic). You leave Canada via the Detroit/Windsor Bridge (tough climb). In Detroit you go onto Belle Isle (large city park in middle of Detroit River) then back on city streets. Lots of bands and assorted fun aloing the way. Suggest you consider this fun race, the handcyclers who do it range from very competitive to recreational.

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    If you enter with a group, such as Achilles Road Runners the time is generally waived. They help determine if you are in regular start or early start or at least this is how it works in NYC.

    Look for Achilles and see if they have a small group in your area, they are an organization that I really like.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    I currently do Marathons.....
    anientgimp is correct....about the only one that has a qualifying time is Boston. Also the field is have to apply for Boston.

    NYC is about the most popular marathon to do. Hence the restrictions. but I have heard where 150-200 cyclists have been there.

    Pick you bike carefully. Get a lot of advice....depending on what level you would like to compete at.
    One of the best sources is in NYC

    Achilles, if you can find a chapter in your area, is a pretty good organization. Helps with training and even during the race.

    I have a Quickie Shark and looking to move into the Top End Force.

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    I have a FRH-1, and the only organized riding I've done so far is a BikeMS in Indianapolis (Indiana). It was more leisurely, but I really liked it. I found a marathon, also in Indy, that takes place in October. I think I'll start with that and see how I like it.
    Any other tips?
    Stupidity ain't illegal, but it sure is inconvenient.

    Help me support the 2010 Bike MS.

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    Get yourself where you can do 35+ miles in a day.
    I am currently to the point of 38 miles in a day.
    But that is only 1 day during the week. Most other days I'll do 15-20.
    Not too mention...but I gotta job...I have to make time to train....

    Depending on your injury NOT compare yourself to folks like Albor Alejandro or Oz Sanchez.....These guys are amps and have trunk control.
    Me....I'm a t5 complete. No abs....nada.

    Keep within are not racing against the guy next to you.
    YOU are racing against the clock. If you keep beating your times then the rest will take care of itself.

    Also...get yourself a "trainer" like CycleOps.

    As you are increasing your must do "intervals" as well.
    Trainers are great for that if ya don't have a pretty flat course you can train on.

    Not too mention....if weather prohibits your outdoor can always go on the trainer.

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    Where do you ride in So Cal? I live in the Eastern Sierra but come down to So Cal for family visits and other needs from time-to-time.

    Last time we were down, I rode the Bolsa Chica to Balboa bike path and back. It worked out to about 26 miles.

    We are down for Xmas now and I think I am going to go ride around the Rose Bowl.

    It is too cold to ride outdoors at home right now.

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    I live in Irvine.

    Do the Balboa to Bolsa Chica ride as well.
    I tend to do the NB pier (Sharkeys) to Bolsa about 23ish.

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    [QUOTE=Cappy;973394]I currently do Marathons.....
    anientgimp is correct....

    Wrong! Ancientgimp is not correct. There is no qualifying time for any marathon anywhere for a handcycle.

    I think this is now a crusade of mine to inform people of the facts.

    Sorry to post on a super old thread, but everone needs to get their facts straight. You can't qualify for any marathon with your handcycle. You can however enter many marathons with your handcycle.

    Currently Boston is a joke for handcyclists. I think 10 did it last year, it's not a big draw at all and there are reasons for this. It might be someday but currently it's not.


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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    we could ask John...........oh yah, that's right. he can't comment because he got suspended for "offending" a bunch of whiney ass cry babies. i feel more offended by nurses sticking their fingers in my ass than a bunch of name calling.

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