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Thread: Bowel stimulation aids

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    Bowel stimulation aids

    My fingers are not so strong anymore so I've been using the nose to an enema bottle. Is there anything else that would seem right size and safe?

    Part of the problem using my finger is also my sphincter is too tight. Is there a way to relax it?

    Also, I've been putting it in gloves to cover it but that's not ideal. Too much excess stuff. I tried thermometer covers but they are to short, slide off too easily and are not that sturdy. Does anyone have other ideas for what I could use to cover it? I guess maybe 3 inches long.

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    I know that there are things that you can use made specifically for this, but I don't know the name or where to get them. Digital stimulation tools, maybe?

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    The sphincter is supposed to be tight. One of the main reasons for digital stimulation is to put the finger in an inch or so and go around slowly for a minute or two and be sure and try and make contact with the inside but the walls of the intestine.This will relax the sphincter and peristalsis should begin. If doing correctly you should actually feel the sphincter relax, it might tighten at first but then as you go slowly around it should relax and you will feel the peristalsis or movementat first it might feel light it is sucking your finger in then it will seem more of a outward push.
    Youy can do this with any device but you won't feel it.

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    These are the ones we use the most. You can get just the suppository inserter or just the digital stimulator, or both:


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