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Thread: Hunting Pictures - Show your "Stuff" - Hunting stuff that is...

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    don't let me get a llama in my sights. i'm downin' him too!

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    That thing is wide. Nice.

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    nice mulie-he's high and wide and bigbodied. In CA we'd call him a 3 by 3 in TX they'd call him a 6 pt Chad but in Kansas where u shot him what is he considered?? We still gonna go black tail hunting in CA???

    did not shoot a wt. tail in TX...did notsee anything bigger than a 6 pt.


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    Wow , nice muley. Just as Evonne said real wide, but light on the points.Really different. Gawd I miss hunting.

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    Well.... what a difference a day makes. I woke up this morning feeling much less pain and much less drugged. I talked Trey into going hunting with me again this afternoon. We got there a little bit late and decided to go sit in some stands we have not hunted this year. I gave him first choice. He chose E2 and I chose E12. At 5:56 the doe in the back of my pickup in the attached picture walked out. She had 2 friends but they were way smaller. Proabably her yearlings. At 6:05 the 30.06 growled. She weighs 140 on the hoof. You should have seen my 100 lb son pulling her up into the pick up bed. LOL!!!!!!! I wish he had chosen E12!! Oh well... we are gonna try again tomorrow afternoon after school and then again on Thursday. That is closing day here in Georgia. maybe he'll get another shot at big boy!

    Wow WheelZ nice Muley. SHare a little bit of your hunt with us.

    Nice LLama!!!! I hear you have to be careful hunting those. If you shoot and miss they'll spit in your eye!!!!!!!!!
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    evonne darlin' you just say when & where and we'll set it up. i'd love to come out and hunt with you. just didn't know if you still wanted to. lol.

    i got that mulie on an outdoor buddies hunt near cortez, colorado. it was a short notice thing and since i have gun-will travel, i was able to make it. we hunted fresh cut alfalfa fields on small farms that the landowners allowed us to hunt and saw lots of deer. only a few were mature bucks though and we spotted this one right at dark on the last day of my hunt. my volunteer guide tim drug me 300 yds so i could take a 300 yd shot during the last minute of shooting light. got him!

    ha! evonne, i missed my buck in ks. and didn't see anything worth shooting in texas all season. next year maybe...

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    hey fish'n guy, what's stopping you from hunting again?

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    Nice buck Chad!
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    Great thread! Thanks for sharing.

    Nice muley Wheelz!

    Here is a picture of my elk two years ago.

    Here is a pict of my son and the elk that I got this year.

    Both were taken on the general, any bull elk hunt.
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