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Thread: Hunting Pictures - Show your "Stuff" - Hunting stuff that is...

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    Hey Nevada...
    I don't think road hunting would fly down here in Georgia. I'm pretty sure they call those drive-bys around here!!!!! LOL (plus we don't have pheasants)

    DeadEye I was thinking more along the duck line when you said waterfowl. Our goose season isn't much to talk about around here. Most of the duck hunting I have done was a cold and wet (but way fun) affair. I'm sure if the opportunity presents itself I'll figure it out.

    Graybeard... glad to have you join us.
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    If anybody has pictures of you actually hunting that might offer some tips to some of us on how to do something. Any adaptive devices. Blinds, trigger actuators, things to keep feet warm, wheelchairs, scooters, bow modifications, gun modifications, gun rests, .......etc. Anything that might help somebody else have an easier and better time in the field hunting. Share it with us. Don't figure anything is to small or mundane.

    I've already learned alot of new things. Thanks ya'll for sharing your experiences.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadEye View Post

    Hey, just thought about it, I've got a doe-only management hunt next weekend, Jan. 17, at the Marriott Ranch in Fauquier Co. just up the road from you. 4200 acres and a gorgeous place. Interested?
    Damn skippy!!!!!!! Send de Tails..wait, no jus send the info..Im finally freed up time from hockey and other misc. crap, and really need to kill sumthin'.. Thanks for giving me the head's up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by graybeard View Post
    Damn skippy!!!!!!! Send de Tails..wait, no jus send the info..Im finally freed up time from hockey and other misc. crap, and really need to kill sumthin'.. Thanks for giving me the head's up!
    Great! Glad to hear you'll make it. I'm sending details to both erols and verizon. Let me know that you get them.

    The Ranch is awesome! I can't wait.
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    hey the best pop up blind is by yukon. check out my site at to see some equipment or post some trophy pics.

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    ameristep material is weak i've found and yukon has a wheelchair accessible door that most pop ups don't. the zipper door disconnects at the bottom so you don't have to lift the whole blind to roll into it.

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    guys how many of you killed a bear using a knife only?
    i love bear paw ....a pic here when i was 7 years on the left.
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    Hey wheelz99... Thanks for posting... I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!.... and to tell the truth I'm just a little bit jealous. I'm looking forward to spending more time surfing it. I've been there before but it seems to be loading a whole lot faster now than in the past. Did you do something different?

    Anyway I looked for the Yukon blind. I didn't find it. Are you talking about the AAG blind? It looks pretty nice.

    Hey ADI where did you get a picture of my pet bear. I noticed he didn't come home for a few days. I miss him when he's not sleeping at the foot of my bed. Did he travel back in time again?..... What am I gonna do with him?

    Keep up the posts guys. For me hearing about somebody elses hunting escapades is the next best thing to being there. Plus we all learn something from each other.

    Peace, Grange
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    I laughed so hard at your drive by comment I almost wet myself. It is too bad you do not have any pheasants, or as my son likes to call them Ditch Parrots in your neck of the woods. Next to hunting geese over decoys having a colorful rooster flush from the point of my German Shorthair are two of the hunting thrills I miss most. My son named the picture of the geese and pheasants “If it flies it dies” which was very approrate I thought. Encase there is any question the extra three roosters in that picture were shot the night before we got into the Snow Geese I just did not get around to cleaning them that night is all.

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    grange, i don't have a link up yet but the site is i'm getting the 70"X70" model. i'll add a link today from my site. you can search online and find them for $150.

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