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Thread: Hunting Pictures - Show your "Stuff" - Hunting stuff that is...

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    I learnd this from the wheelchair recycler in the north east.... I had a 24 foot featherlite Iwould pull out of the garage to clean with this chair....I can get it up to 9mph...... After 5 years of use the only thing I do is put new bruches on the motor... I have fried the controler but that was from my irregation head spraying water on it while trying to fix it.....

    Only use the invacare action... mount new wheels and get the controler to bump all the settings.

    I just made a new one last week... I will get some pics to share. I kinda like seeing how fast I can make these.... your neighbors will freek seeing you go 9mph....

    On the hunting side... I hunt on farm land in mn.... This way I can retrive my deer and pull them back to camp with my chair.... No big bucks yet but 1-2 year deer no problem....

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    A doe to close the year 2008

    I had a great hunt this afternoon to close out the year 2008. I harvested a doe as the light faded. There was a small 8 pointer on the field that jumped but did not run off when I shot. He just stood there in the same place for about 5 minutes and blew. The really neat thing was that he was directly between me and the setting sun. I could see the steam coming from his mouth and nostrils each time he blew. Unfortunately the small camera I had with me could not capture the image in the low light condition.

    I am including a picture of me with the doe and also one of my son with the doe. He is the one that had to drag her out of the woods. When I shot she ran about 20 yards but it was straight down a small drop off. He was a trooper though. He would not let me call for help getting her to the truck. He said, "Dad... have some faith. I can get it!" And he did! I only hope he has half as much fun hunting with me as I do hunting with him.

    Now I know there are more hunters out there than those of us that have joined this thread. Come on and share your hunting stories, hunting rigs, adaptive devices, experiences, or anything else hunting you want to add.

    Oh yeah HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
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    I have been hesitant to post here 'cause I've only been hunting once post-sci, and it was pheasant hunting.

    I grew up in Ohio and bird hunting was our family's hunt of choice. My dad and us 5 boys would enjoy pushing thru the fields and all the talking/bonding that goes along with it. To us, sitting alone in one spot just wasn't what we were into.

    Jump ahead decades; The McD brothers started a tradition of meeting up in Mitchell,SD(pheasant mecca) for Opening Day of pheasant hunting every year. We are spread out around the country and this was a way to continue/relive our times with Dad and keep our connections strong.

    Here is a long thread that some of you may not have seen about my first time back in a chair. I missed again this year due to health reasons, but sure hope to make it back there in '09:
    "a T10, who'd Rather be ridin'; than rollin'"

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    Thanks for sharing that McDuff. That's the kind of stuff I had in mind when I started this thread. I've never been pheasant hunting. But now I know I can if I want to and have a good idea of how. How did sitting on the ROHO work out? No pressure issues?

    Here in Georgia the bird hunting mostly consists of Quail and Dove and of course Ducks. I have dove hunted from my Bruno post SCI I have not quail or duck hunted yet. I guess quail hunting would be the closest of the three to pheasant hunting. You know being in the field and walking the birds up and hunting over dogs. I am trying to get a duck hunt figured out for this year. If it comes together I will be hunting out of a boat.

    Well to report, todays hunt yielded another antlerless deer for me. It was a 135 yard shot and unfortunately ended up being a button buck. We are trying to harvest 80 does off of the hunting lease so the manager said as long as it doesn't have spots shoot it. I looked as hard as I could and the little buttons were so small they were hardly noticeable up close. This one got donated to the "Hunters For The Hungry" program.
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    From a small cabin in the big woods of The Allegheny National Forest, PA
    I want to purchase one of these bush-N-a-bag cover blinds. Until I can obtain some sort of a bite trigger though, I am out of luck for now. I can hunt from my yard so I don't need to go far.
    I can put something like this on myself and just hang out in my power chair.
    C 5/6 Comp.
    No Tri's or hand function.

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    Thats a great tip. I've never seen the bush in a bag. It looks like qa really big poncho. That might be a hot ticket for turkey season. Probably easier to get hiden in that during a quick set-up. And easier to move around with than setting up and taking down my tent.

    Maybe somebody here has a suggestion for a bite trigger or something else that might work for you. When I was at Shepherd Center recovering I got to participate in a weekend retreat called Adventure Skills Workshop. It was an introduction to all kinds of outdoor activities as a SCI percon. They had shooting sports and several high level Quads were there shooting. The recreation therapist that headed it up was named Joe something. I'm pretty sure he is still at Shepherd. You might try surfing their website to see if you can get in touch with him. He may have some information that could help you. Sorry I don't have his last name.

    Anybody else have any adaptive device for triggering that might help Forestranger52?
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    Hey Grange,

    The Roho worked out great. I was worried because I was on the atv for 6-7 hours for 2 days running, and there was no good way to do pressure reliefs, no spots handy to push up on. Guess all the shifting around during riding, must have done the trick. But I didn't try for a 3rd day, figured I had pushed my luck far enough.

    Quail are a lot like pheasants, but the noise pheasants make when they go up is waaay louder, and disorienting. I remember once back when walking, I had stopped and was just standing there, and 1 came up from right under my feet. Scared the crap out of me. I fell over backwards, landing flat on my back. I still managed to get off 2 shots at him, but missed of course.

    I always made sure to shuffle my feet around when stopping after that.
    "a T10, who'd Rather be ridin'; than rollin'"

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    Here are the pictures from this year’s handicap hunt that I help with as well as participate in as well. The first one is the buck I shot this year, the second one is the buck I was hoping to get a shot at and the last one is the third buck that was harvested during this year’s hunt.

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    Man, you guys have some great bucks out in North Dakota! We did a Wheelin' Sportsmen doe-only hunt this past weekend, Fri-Sat. Had 10 hunters each day and we killed 11 does. Had a blast!

    Sad part is that Sat was the last day....except for the extended doe-only season in the northern counties of the state.
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    9 point buck

    shot this 9 point about 160 yarns with a 308 win.

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