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Thread: Alternative Spinal Cord Injury Therapies

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    Alternative Spinal Cord Injury Therapies

    Spinal Cord Injuries - Nerve Damage
    Natural Treatments

    Spinal Cord Injuries - Nerve Damage - Natural Treatments

    There are several natural substances that have helped regenerate nerves and in one specific case has cured quadriplegia. These are items from Mother Nature, and she knows all about nerves.
    While orthodox medicine is diligently looking for a cure for spinal cord injuries and other nerve related conditions, it should be clearly understood by everyone that any cure or treatment for spinal cord injury, or other nerve damage, that orthodox medicine comes up with, will involve highly profitable prescription drugs. Orthodox doctors are not allowed to practice natural medicine.
    This means two things. First, orthodox researchers are not researching natural substances in the treatment of spinal cord injuries or nerve damage, and second, even if some natural substance could cure nerve damage cases, orthodox medical doctors could not use it (actually, this second item is a major reason for the first, but not the only reason).
    With all of this in mind, you should know that at least one case of quadriplegia has been cured with a perfectly natural substance called DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide).
    Because DMSO has been known to cure a case of quadriplegia, a person might think that it would be researched and used to treat and cure other quadriplegia patients. What did I say above: orthodox doctors are not allowed to practice natural medicine. Orthodox doctors are only allowed to use highly profitable prescription drugs.
    There are in fact several purely natural substances that have been shown to regenerate and grow nerves. All the ones I know of will be discussed in this article, including an electromagnetic machine that may help regenerate nerves.
    So why should you listen to a person who is not a medical doctor? What did I say above: orthodox doctors are not allowed to practice natural medicine. If you are ever going to find a cure for quadriplegia you are going to have to work with people who are outside of mainstream medicine.
    If you can't work with people outside of mainstream medicine, you will have to wait until hell freezes over before your problem is cured. Your medical doctor is not going to use any of these things in his or her medical practice. He or she knows perfectly well that if they did they could lose their medical license and in some cases they could even end up in jail, just for using a natural substance to treat a health problem.
    The pharmaceutical industry is in bed with the American Medical Association, and both of these organizations are totally loyal to the other. They are married, they are in bed together and it will ever be so.
    So here are discussions of the natural items known to regenerate nerves.
    DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide)

    DMSO is a perfectly, 100% natural, substance. Every tree and bush on the planet earth has DMSO in it. It is extracted by the ton every year by the paper industry.
    When Dr. Stanley Jacobs discovered the properties of DMSO, one of the properties he discovered is that it can penetrate the human skin and get into the bloodstream. While that was interesting, it was the ability of DMSO to bind to other molecules and carry those molecules with them through the skin that got everyone's attention.
    This meant that for many types of molecules, even some prescription drugs, DMSO could bind to these things and carry them through the skin. This means that an I.V. was not necessary to get these molecules into the bloodstream safely.
    When the pharmaceutical industry learned of this property of DMSO, they were excited. They looked at DMSO as a way to make more profits by allowing patients to use DMSO, instead of an I.V., to get their prescription drugs into the bloodstream.
    Can you believe it, Big Pharma funded many, many studies to learn which molecules DMSO could carry through the skin.
    Unfortunately for DMSO, DMSO cured many diseases by itself, without the need of any prescription drugs.
    When Big Pharma learned that, they did not look at DMSO as a friend, but they looked at DMSO as a competitor. Big Pharma called on their attack dogs (i.e. the FDA) to shut down DMSO. Not only did the FDA shut down DMSO, they shut down most research on DMSO.
    Veterinarians can use DMSO for animals, but medical doctors cannot use DMSO for humans. DMSO can be purchased in the United States, but only as a solvent or only from a veterinarian. It cannot be used for medical reasons on humans.
    This is interesting because more than one-half BILLION people worldwide have used DMSO for their health conditions, either as a treatment or as a carrier, and there has not been a single reported death caused by DMSO. But that did not stop the FDA from shutting down DMSO.
    DMSO has cured at least one case of quadriplegia. A second patient with quadriplegia started using DMSO. Because of severe nerve "tingling" he quit the treatment. When nerves are regenerating there will be "tingling" as the nerves come to life. Thus, this patient decided he would rather have quadriplegia than deal with the temporary discomfort of nerve tingling. That is a personal decision.
    DMSO should be applied to the skin DIRECTLY ABOVE where the nerve damage is located.
    DMSO, when enough of it is used to cure nerve problems, will cause serious body odor. Thus during the treatment, and for a few days after the treatment is over, your social life and public life will be affected.
    DMSO, when applied to the skin, will quickly cause a rash. This is because the DMSO will dehydrate your skin. Thus, after you apply the DMSO to the skin (either by eye dropper or spray bottle), and rub it in, about 15 minutes after it has completely penetrated the skin you should spray water on the spot and around the area.
    DMSO can be applied as often as desired. But it will take time to work.
    For more information about handling DMSO, it is important that you read this article (which is related to cancer):
    DMSO Article],
    Helichrysum (essential oil)

    Helichrysum has been known to regenerate nerves in the ears. Several people who were born deaf, due to nerves not connecting, have been totally cured with helichrysum.
    This means it is a candidate to cure spinal cord injuries and other conditions involving nerve damage.
    The bad news is that virtually all essential oil manufacturers and importers do not make or sell therapeutic grade essential oils, they only sell perfume grade essential oils.
    The one glowing exception to this rule is a company called Young Living. Unless you buy your helichrysum from Young Living, you are probably wasting your money and your time.
    Because there are so many health conditions that can be cured with essential oils, the Young Living company has been under the watchful eye of the watchdog of orthodox medicine: the FDA. So do not be concerned if someone refuses to confirm the cases of nerve regeneration. They have to be careful what they say. They are also moving their research facilities outside of the United States.
    But the product is for real.
    Helichrysum does NOT cause body odor, so a person might think that they can use helichrysum instead of DMSO. It would be better to use both of them, but not at the same time. It would be best to alternate them throughout the day.
    Omega-3, An Essential Fatty Acid

    Essential Fatty Acids, and particularly the omega-3 fatty acids, are essential for the brain to properly function. Dementia is generally caused by the lack of omega-3 and other essential fatty acids in the diet.
    The way food is processed in the United States, virtually 100% of all omega-3 is destroyed during processing. Thus, Americans do not get enough omega-3s in their diet, but instead get trans-fatty acids and other horrible fats in their diets. This is what causes all type 2 diabetes cases and many dementia cases.
    The book: The pH Miracle for Diabetes, by Robert O. Young, PhD mentions that omega-3 and other essential fatty acids have been shown to regenerate nerves. Whether he was referring to the nerves in the brain, or the nerves in the spinal cord, I do not know, but I do know from personal experience that omega-3 fatty acids are necessary for the brain to properly function.
    See this article on type 2 diabetes to learn more about how to get omega-3 into the body:
    Type 2 Diabetes Article
    The type 2 diabetes article focuses on flax seed oil. Actually, that focus is fine for diabetes, but it is not sufficient for those with nerve damage.
    For those with nerve damage, the long-chain omega 3s should be included. This means that a high quality fish oil is a better source of omega-3 than flax seed oil. However, it must be a high quality fish oil otherwise you will be drinking mercury. The brand I recommend is mentioned in the diabetes article.
    Whether a person uses only fish oil, or uses a combination of fish oil and flax seed oil, is up to the patient. But at least some fish oil should be used to get the long chain omega-3s.
    Because omega-3 gets into the body via food (i.e. organic cottage cheese and fish oil), it should be taken along with the DMSO and helichrysum. Thus, up to this point there are three things you should be taking.
    V.I.B.E. Machine

    The V.I.B.E. Machine, or VIBE Machine, has been known to cause "tingling" in the feet during treatment. Because the VIBE Machine creates an energy field that is used by the body at the cellular level, this is an indication to me that it is helping the body regenerate nerves. However, the VIBE Machine has not been proven to regenerate nerves, this is just my opinion.
    In any case, as new nerves are being built by the above items, it would be critical to give them the energy they need to rebuild these nerves. Thus, even if the VIBE Machine does not directly rebuild nerves, I highly recommend it for people who are trying to rebuild nerves.
    Most people cannot afford a VIBE Machine, they cost about $18,000. If you can afford to buy a VIBE Machine, please buy it through me. While I do get a small commission, there is a far more important reason for buying through me.
    For those mere mortals who cannot afford to buy one, the good news is that the manufacturer of the VIBE Machine keeps track of the owners of the VIBE Machines who allow others to use their machine for free or for a fee. See:
    The Vibe Machine
    You should try using the VIBE Machine from one of the current owners before your fork out $18,000.

    The book: Treating Cancer With Insulin Potentiation Therapy, by Ross A. Hauser, M.D. et. al., mentions that insulin has been shown to regenerate nerves. Insulin is a molecule found in nature. Unfortunately, insulin is also a prescription drug. Thus, in order to get an insulin treatment you need to find a medical doctor.
    There are a small number of medical doctors or naturopaths who use insulin in the treatment of cancer. It is a treatment called "Insulin Potentiation Therapy" or IPT. Since it is a prescription drug which helps cure cancer, medical doctors are allowed to use it, however, since it is such an effective cancer treatment only a very small number of medical doctors are allowed to use it.
    There is also a DMSO version of IPT which I call DPT, or DMSO Potentiation Therapy. IPT is most effective when combined with DPT and vice versa.
    Whether one of the IPT doctors would use insulin in the treatment of regenerating nerves I do not know. Thus I will say no more about this molecule.
    Other Issues

    The issue of regenerating nerves obviously involves blood circulation. As new nerves are being generated, new blood vessels may need to be generated as well. This involves good circulation.
    Here are a few items known to help circulation:
    Niacin - Vitamin B3 (improves circulation),
    Cayenne Pepper (improves circulation),
    MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) (improves circulation),
    Ginko Biloba (improves circulation),
    Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) (improves circulation)
    Here are other things recommended during treatment:
    Alpha Lipoic Acid,
    Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids,
    Supplements high in B Vitamins,
    Vitamin B12

    If the nerve damage is degenerative, rather than caused by accident or trauma, heavy metals may be involved in the degeneration. This is an entirely different matter which would involve chelation or oral chelation.

    Important Notes:

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    I'm not to fond of the "vibe" part - and the link doesn't work.

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    I moved this from the Cure 101 thread (which I moved to FLA Forum). In my opinion, some of the therapies that are listed on the post are not effective and debunked. In particular, I would caution people not to use DMSO.

    There are potential beneficial "alternative" therapies for spinal cord injury but I am not convinced that any of the treatments listed here are suitable or have any evidence supporting their use.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dodo View Post
    V.I.B.E. Machine

    The V.I.B.E. Machine, or VIBE Machine, has been known to cause "tingling" in the feet during treatment. Because the VIBE Machine creates an energy field that is used by the body at the cellular level, this is an indication to me that it is helping the body regenerate nerves. However, the VIBE Machine has not been proven to regenerate nerves, this is just my opinion.
    My son a C-6 2.5+ years post and I have both used the VIBE machine. We both used it for 8 minutes twice per day for over a month. I had no known medical issues at the time. Noticed after a month NOTHING positive or negative. My son and I both noticed tingling in the extremities during treatment. My son did NOT gain any change from the VIBE treatment either that we were aware of. So, in both our situations, I would not recommend the VIBE for an SCI.

    However, while we both receive our VIBE treatment, we observed a woman with matestized breast cancer that had spread throughout her body (per her husband) who was receiving the VIBE treatment twice per day as well. After 3-4 weeks of twice per day treatment, her tumors had receded and her cancer was in total remission!! She also drank 2 bottles of water per day that had been stored next to the VIBE machine. She no longer was using an oxygen bottle, was now walking 1.5 miles per day with her husband, and her skin color returned to pink. To me, before the treatment, she was within 6-8 weeks of death.

    Reading about the VIBE machine, it does emit energy that is absorbed by the body. When the body is diseased, the voltage at the cellular level drops significantly. The VIBE machine will emit an energy field that can be absorbed by the body and raise the body voltage which strengthened her immune system to the point of knocking out the cancer. Truly amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by topperf View Post
    I'm not to fond of the "vibe" part - and the link doesn't work.
    I too was interested until I got to the VIBE machine. IMO it takes credibility from the whole thing.

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    VIBE recalled by FDA as unapproved device
    December 15, 2008

    Media Inquiries:
    Siobhan DeLancey, 301-796-4668
    Consumer Inquiries:

    FDA Announces Class I Recalls of Two Unapproved Devices

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a Class 1 recall today for two unapproved and uncleared devices whose manufacturers claimed could treat various medical conditions. A Class 1 recall means that there is a reasonable probability that the use of a device will cause adverse health consequences or death.

    The manufacturers, VIBE Technologies of Greeley, Colo., and Nebion LLC of Los Angeles, Calif., claimed their devices treated conditions ranging from cancer to migraines. The FDA is concerned that based upon the original health claims made by the company, patients may forgo approved therapies, and that this could result in more severe illness or death.

    "These recalls underscore the importance of taking action against manufacturers who make false medical claims for their devices," said Daniel G. Schultz, M.D., director of the FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health. "One of the FDA's primary responsibilities is protecting consumers from harm that can be caused by manufacturers who try to sidestep the approval and clearance process.”
    Vibrational Integrated Bio-photonic Energizer device

    On April 11, 2008, the FDA issued a warning letter to VIBE Technologies stating that the agency's November 2007 inspection of the facility showed that the company had not obtained FDA marketing approval or clearance for the Vibrational Integrated Bio-photonic Energizer (VIBE device), which claims to treat cancer, infections, and depression. The FDA also cited the company for substantial deviations from the current Good Manufacturing Practice/Quality System regulation.

    VIBE Technologies initiated a recall of 840 VIBE devices in an April 3, 2008, letter sent to users. VIBE Technologies agreed to stop promoting and marketing the VIBE device, and will contact all those who had purchased it to ensure no other unsubstantiated medical claims are being made. The FDA has requested that the company update its recall notices to state that the VIBE device is not intended for the treatment of any diseases or medical conditions.

    The FDA is aware of information that suggests that the VIBE device has been used in cancer patients. There is one death that occurred in a patient who used this device. However, FDA has not verified that there is any association between the death and the VIBE device.
    HLX8 device

    In June 2008 FDA inspected Nebion, LLC, which revealed that the company had not obtained FDA marketing approval or clearance for the HLX8 device, which claims to treat cancer, migraines, arthritis, and ruptured discs. The inspection also uncovered substantial deviations from the Current Good Manufacturing Practice/Quality System regulation.

    Nebion recalled eight HLX8 devices on July 2, 2008, and notified their customers to stop using the devices immediately and to contact Nebion for their retrieval.

    Nebion's first recall letter did not address the potential risks associated with the HLX8 device, but the company has recently notified FDA that they will issue a second letter that identifies potential health hazards. The FDA has not received any reports of injuries or deaths linked with the HLX8 device.

    Under federal law, products that claim to diagnose a disease or condition, cure, mitigate, treat or prevent disease, or that are intended to affect the structure or function of the body are devices subject to FDA jurisdiction and may require FDA approval or clearance prior to marketing. Premarket approval is the most stringent type of FDA device review and is for devices with a high level of risk, such as those that support or sustain human life. FDA clearance is for lower risk devices that are shown to be as safe and effective as a similar device already on the market.

    Neither VIBE Technologies nor Nebion has demonstrated to the FDA that their device is safe and effective at curing or treating diseases as claimed.

    Health care professionals and consumers may report serious adverse events (side effects) or product quality problems with the use of this product to the FDA's MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program either online, by regular mail, fax or phone.

    * Online:
    * Regular Mail: use postage-paid FDA form 3500 available at: and mail to MedWatch, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20852-9787
    * Fax: (800) FDA-0178
    * Phone: (800) FDA-1088

    Health care professionals and patients can obtain further details about the recalls from VIBE Technologies at 970-356-9594 or Nebion LLC, at 310-215-6400.


    RSS Feed for FDA News Releases [what is RSS?]

    rule Get email updates about FDA press releases.
    cauda equina

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    Alflutop gives way improved feelings in my hands
    Adequan takes away aches and pains
    Trenbolone restored all my body feeling,increased my appetite,made b/b control easy,best thing I ever did
    Did slin for awhile,to many hypo stories to tell from that,,no fun
    Just say know?
    Sometimes things you will do to overcome your adversity are socially unexceptable,get over it.

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    Trenbolone Looks kind of unhealthy...
    "Short-term side effects include insomnia, high blood pressure, increased aggression, night sweats, and increased libido. However, since women will suffer virilization effects even at small doses, this drug should not be taken by a female. Urban wisdom/myth in bodybuilding culture, states that the use of the drug over extended periods of time can lead to kidney damage."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turbotrailgod View Post
    Alflutop gives way improved feelings in my hands
    Adequan takes away aches and pains
    Trenbolone restored all my body feeling,increased my appetite,made b/b control easy,best thing I ever did
    Did slin for awhile,to many hypo stories to tell from that,,no fun
    isn't that a steroid?

    it restored all you body feeling? are you a complete injury?

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