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Thread: Anyone Else Hate Christmas?

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    I used to hate Christmas. I still don't care much for it now, but I realize how important it is to my parents. They value the holidays if only for the time they get to spend with me. Our family is only my parents and myself, and I live 2.5 hours away, so I don't see them as often as they would like. I figure my dislike for the holidays is far less important than what it gives my parents.

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    I dislike the holiday season too. If I could just hibernate through the entire month of December, that'd be just fine with me!
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    L love Christmas and all it stands for and I will not allow anyone to turn me against this holiday.

    So, Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year full of good health, happiness and more prosperity.
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    If christmas were a boy id kick it in the balls! FA LA LA LA LA,LA LA LA BOOT!

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    This video will probably annoy some of you because it's based on Christianity, but I think it may touch on some feelings from this thread.

    source: a movement called Advent Conspiracy:

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    I like seeing my kids excitement. I hate all the fuss and planning, fighting for parking and not being able to get around giant store displays. I hate the few obligatory gifts I have to buy but love the ones that I get for people because of the right reason. I hate planning to spend a few days with a friend who turns out not to be afriend after all. I hate trying to get all of my family together at once because we are all spread out over the country. then at the last minute the ex pulls something and I can't get the kids on the right day. Especially when his family all lives in the same county. So yes I wish it would all go away.

    Several years ago my aunt started a good tradition. We called it Merry Turkey. Soemtime between Thanksgiving and Christmas we would all meet for dinner and draw names for gifts. There was a tree but it had lights on it and fall decorations. It was lots of fun. I enjoyed it because we could relax and the holiday schedule hadn't hit yet. it was a good way to see everyone without feeling the Christmas stress. Then my aunt got sick and some other family issues developed and noone does it anymore. Last year I tried but everyone said it was too far to drive to my house (but I always drove to theirs wheelchair, kids and all) so I gave up. I will save that tradition until my kids are grown I suppose.

    And yes I am feeling very gloomy this year. bah humbug.
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    Nice video
    If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.

    Sometimes it is easier to widen doors than it is to open minds.

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    I'm on the hate X-mas ban wagon as well. I can't stand the commercialization of it all. I know people that get into major debt for X-mas, have to spend the majority of the new year getting out of that debt, just to do it all over the following X-mas.

    I don't even enjoy the family gatherings, but I've always been on the anti-social side. so if I could just sleep through it I would. The bad part about living in my parents home is I have to see people whether I want to or not. If I stay in my room and close the door, my mom will still tell them to come on back and let them in and then she puts me down for not wanting to be bothered.....(note to self, get my own place).
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    Scott, great video. My boyfriend went on a mission trip to Africa earlier this year, and I saw his pictures from there...and then I saw a group of teenagers on Oprah earlier this year who had been to Africa to help...and when I saw that folks walked for hours and days to get to a muddy contaminated river to get water, I sobbed. This year, my gifts are already bought and for the most part wrapped. Next year, I will remember this video...and I will be toning down my spending, and remembering to give towards healthy water. And ya know...I might not wait till NEXT year to do it!

    Thanks, Scott...neat video...and I LOVE CHRISTmas!


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    I REALLY like giving gifts. Pre-internet, I made an point of having my shopping done before Thanksgiving, so the season didn't get spoiled with crowds etc. I'd put the tree up the day after T-giving. But when my kids got older it felt like a wagon I was pulling uphill alone. This year I'm bah humbug, in a bad way. I spent a WEEK wrapping presents, it's so hard with these fingers. My granddaughter is coming tomorrow, which I am looking forward to. I'll probably go to church alone on Christmas Eve, which is ok, I'm used to it.

    I spent my Christmas check from Dad on myself. (The past 5 years I've banked it. Had a feeling hard times were coming.) I bought 1 carat princess cut diamond earrings, and the bling cheered me up quite a little bit!

    I hate that they lock me out of my dog-walking park for 6 weeks, due to the Christmas light display. I hate that after Christmas we'll all have to load up and go visit family, with all the personality conflicts that I feel the need to placate. Again, pulling a wagon uphill alone. If they can't be bothered t get along, why am I stuck in the middle? If my brother hates me, why can't I just mail his gift instead of trying to track him down? If a 36 year old and a 19 year old fight every single year, b/c the 36 year old accuses the 19 year old of cheating at rummikub, why can't they NOT PLAY? If my sis-in-law is upset w/ my hubs for neglecting his mother, why can't she tell HIM? Why must the parents get upset if we don't go visit, but freaking interrogate me when we get there?

    One of these years I'll go on strike. Right now it feels like every Christmas may be the last for half my family, and the fact is it likely will be. So I'll glue on my happy face, and probably spend an hour or 2 puking in Kansas when the stress gets to be too much.

    Ho freaking ho. I sound like a big ol' victim and that is not my favorite role. But I really like my earrings.

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