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Thread: Anyone Else Hate Christmas?

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    I love Christmas, seeing all the family together is great. Me and my 2 brothers all live in different time zones. I hate the shoppin but i tend to shop for xmas all year so i dont really need much when it's finally here. I am also Catholic so the religious aspect is what is most important for me. I hope all of us survive the holidays. I dont like to travel but it's our turn to go to Virginia se we have a pretty long haul.

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    I also love Christmas. The lights, the music, the movies, the goodies................. We don't care about the presents so much, shoot, no one has enough money to worry about them. Besides, they're not really the reason for the season................

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    This year really sucked for me and the holidays just remind me of my losses...I was trying to have Christmas by joining in at work but I got laid off of work and that meant no nothing but being alone...They were so heartless to me...they knew what I was going through with the loss of my aunt and my twins...
    I'm just trying now to stay out of the depression and away from those "happy" people who just love "lecturing" me on the "true" meaning of Christmas...and all the while they have family to go home to and I have no one sucks...

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    Well Harley after all those years you gave them , it really sucks they laid you off. You still have your fishing buddy Ken. Little cold to be wetting a line. Summer will be here soon. It always does come. lol Get a chance give me a call.
    oh well

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    Hate Christmas

    I cant say I hate Christmas but its not like it used to be prior to my injury. I used to be so involved with getting gifts for my two girls and now its different. I enjoy seeing there faces on Xmas morning and going to see all the little faces on nieces and great nieces and nephews but now like I said its different. I don't know just really hate the snow that comes along with xmas. Well everyone try to have a good xams just the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Pruett View Post
    This video will probably annoy some of you because it's based on Christianity, but I think it may touch on some feelings from this thread.

    source: a movement called Advent Conspiracy:

    2009 video in followup to the one quoted above from last year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PN View Post
    The Christmas spirit left me many years ago.
    Ditto. It has nothing to do with Christianity or the sci either, I just hate the holidays all together. This year I don't even have a faint sparkle of Christmas in me, blah!

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    I used to hate it but since I have kids the magic is back. I dont get very much for Christmas but I do love to give to my familly. As a grown man now I can appreciate how hard my parents worked to provider the gifts I received all my life.

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    Don't hate.


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    I hate christmas because I spend it alone most of the days. Christmas Eve my daughter is coming and then I am alone until after New Years Eve. It is not even anything nice on tv, it is mostly religious programs and old, stupid movies. And it is snow, so I can't get out.

    And on my forums it is silent because everybody is going to parties.
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