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Thread: no jail time for this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by watchthisbaby View Post
    Wow! Ya, she pulled a "stupid", but it also sounds like very poor training. I wonder what the rest of the story is? It was probably the girls first week at work or something. I'm really glad the old guy wasn't hurt significantly.
    "girls first week"? Watch, she's 65. He's 71. I'd say she should have retired or been acting as a companion aide to an older woman--indoors. She did stay with him which was amazing. Why do I get the feeling this agency tells them 911 is not a friend? Or she really needs a job still and was afraid to call anyone but a friend for help and they're all asleep by 7pm. I sure hope the community service is light duty like stapling flyers at a seniors center.
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    I'm not sure why she didn't call 911 to get help standing him up, but it sounds as though she didn't do anything intentionally, nor did she leave him alone. Stupid, yes, but it doesn't sound criminal to me.

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    It makes me so thankful that I'm able to direct my own care. Laws are very strict and pretty unforgiving imo (in Wa anyways) when caring for children, elders, and anyone with a diability. They're set up for the greater good, but mostly so any agency or person licensed through the state becomes the fall guy in the event of a lawsuit. I mean gawd forbid any poor social worker actually have a managable case load to be able to check on their clients.

    We all know $#!T rolls down hill.

    Sue I'm a complete goofball (haven't been sleeping a lot), I missed it where they paper stated the lady was 65. It also said this transpired at her house, and she worked for an agency. So I don't get it, does Texas have like adult foster care? I'm just trying to figure out why the client was at her residence unless it was like respite or something
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