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Thread: Voice Loss with a C2 break - looking for info

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    My mom lives in Boston - I live in DC

    Voice Loss with a C2 break - looking for info

    Hi all,

    My mom (C2 break and in a Halo...and happily continues to regain more sensation and movement every day) has NOT regained her voice though and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this.

    She did have her voice immediately after the accident but within a day or two (this was back in mid-November) lost it. It has not improved at all.

    She also continues to have problems swallowing completely and keeps getting liquid going back into her lungs when she drinks.

    Appreciate any insights you all may have!

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    I'm no expert. Her diapfram is afected at C-2. If she is slowly getting better , it might take awhile for it to come back. Her eating is a good sign. I couldn't eat for over 2 months or drink for 2 1/2 months. So in time hopefully things will improve. I'm sure one of the nurses has a better idea and more info.
    oh well

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    My Dad is the same way. He was in a halo also. Some doctors think it is because his head is tilted too far back or there is something going on with his throat. The only problem is no one around here wants to help him.
    I wish your mother the best
    *May God bless you and your family*

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    Hi. I am a speech pathologist and there are a few possible reasons for the loss of voice and the dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing. Please ask your doctor for a consult for dysphagia by a hospital speech pathologist. There is a video x-ray study that can be done to see what is happening and what can be done to make eating and drinking safer. The difficulty can be from positioning and from nerve damage. You CAN get some answers. The fact that there is aspiration, or food/liquid going into the lungs is a primary reason to follow up. One does not want lung infections. Hope this helps.

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    No tracheostomy?
    Get a speech therapy consult.


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    My mom lives in Boston - I live in DC
    Thanks for all the input. No Tracheostomy. We got an ENT to see her today and they took a video of her swallowing and vocal cords.
    One vocal cord is completely paralyzed, and it causing her aspiration.
    They are saying we need to wait 5-6 months to see if it might come back. In the meantime though no one seems to be able to offer a solution for the aspiration...and she is now fighing pneumonia for the SECOND time in a month.
    Any ideas/experience anyone has would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

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    If the aspiration is severe, then she should have a PEG tube placed for all food and fluids and not take anything by mouth. There is still a risk of aspiration of oral secretions, but many people can tolerate this fairly well. If it does not come back on its own, then often silicon injections of the cord are done to help it seal against the active other side. There is really nothing that can be done to speed up the process if it is vocal cord paralysis, which could occur either due to the fracture itself or due to surgery to stabilize the spine in the cervical area (esp. with an anterior surgery to the neck this is a risk).

    The speech pathologist should also work actively with her to develop a non-verbal communication system that meets her needs if she is unable to speak well enough to get her needs communicated with family or the rehab center staff.


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    One vocal cord is completely paralyzed, and it causing her aspiration. of mine was torn off from throat eventually compensated for the damage and my voice returned spontaneously abot 120 days post (the docs said no way)

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    I pray and wish that your mother get better soon.
    coolbreeze c6/7

    Keep on moving don't stop!

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    Hi Thankful. I know how frustrating it is not being able to talk, it took me 6 weeks after my accident until I could but I'm able to now, and at times won't shut up. I hope your mother's comes back strong and fast. Best wishes.

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