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    I am so impressed with how far Jessica has came along.
    You are a great mom giving her all the support she needs and some.
    I am so happy for both of you.

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    That is great. She is really doing great. Glad to hear.
    I have silently followed your story for awhile now and for some reason tonight I thought about when my dad come over to help me on the house. We were redoing our bathroom and dad put the door knob on backwards. I asked why and he said so the girls (1 and 3) can't acidentally lock themselves in the bathroom. Anyway...this got me to thinking why can't windows (especially on 2nd and higher floors) open in reverse, instead of lifting up the bottom window why can't you pull down the top window. I think this might help. Jjust a thought.

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    MSWIFE1, good thought. Most our windows slide horizontally. I wish those manufacturing would think about these things instead of trying to save a buck. I really think that all window screens should be installed inside the frame and be able to handle ? amount of weight applied to them when pushed on. Sun screens should also fall into this requirement.

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    It just breaks my heart, people don't stop and think about things like this till its too late. You're right they try to save a buck and make hundreds of bucks at our expense. I would definetely talk to another lawyer.

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    Jessica's Ballerina Pose. She came up with the name. We are impressed.


    Had to share.

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    WoW!! She has come such a long way. What a worker too ..... I peaked at the other videos. I love the stairs, what arm strength she has built up.
    T7-8 since Feb 2005

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    GC-I saw the videos. Nice work! She looks great! Hoping for her continued climb upwards.
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    I just love to see these videos of Jessica! She is doing so well and is so lucky to have such a great family to support her!

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    She is making such good progress. She's just a sweetheart!(speaking in a grandfatherly tone). It's great to see she has progressed so steadly in her endeavor to be as normal as possible.
    And she's sooooooo lucky to have parents who have supported her as much as you have. You deserve alot of credit! your an inspiration to all who would be in your shoes!

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    The therapist had her walking with arm crutches last week! Had to share. She has been wanting to do this for awhile. The therapist had to get creative so it would work. I'll post a video soon (hopefully next week) so you know what I mean.

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