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Thread: How important is timing with a new SCI?

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    Question How important is timing with a new SCI?

    My son had spinal surgery last week and there were complications which lead to his SCI. He is healing from the surgery while I research rehab centers. I'm reading that chances are greater for recovery if transferrred to rehab in the first 2 weeks....true?

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    Yes, a number of studies show that outcomes are best the sooner someone is moved to a specialty SCI Center. If he is not medically stable enough for acute rehab yet, consideration should also be made for moving him to the acute ICU or med-surg unit associated with most major SCI rehabilitation programs, especially those that are Model SCI System Centers. Outcomes related to this are both physical (better functional outcomes, fewer complications such as contractures, pressure ulcers, DVT, etc.) and psychosocial (less institutional discharges, less depression, etc.).


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    I reviewed the list of Model SCI Centers, Shriners and Kennedy Krieger were not on it. Any thoughts on Kessler, National Capital or Shepherd Center?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SharonD View Post
    I reviewed the list of Model SCI Centers, Shriners and Kennedy Krieger were not on it. Any thoughts on Kessler, National Capital or Shepherd Center?
    Sharon, how old is your son? Shriner's in Philadelphia, in my opinion, is the best pediatric spinal cord injury rehabilitation center in the world. Many of "model" system centers do not take kids. Please understand that selection as the model SCI Center has a lot of to do with politics. Of course, the model system centers are good but there are many centers that are not model SCI Centers that are very good and possibly better than the model system enters. Other factors such as proximity to home and family, as well as individual doctors that can easily tilt a decision for a non-model system center. For example, there is no question that Kessler, Shepard, Mt. Sinai, and Craig are amongst the best spinal cord rehabilitation centers on the East Coast but the quality of care depends on the individual doctor who is in charge of your son.


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    our 14 year old son rehabbed at a model center(magee).they were very nice but hindsight is 20/20.i would go to shriners or kennedy if i could go back.
    we visited shepherd and it was very nice but definitely run by insurance reimbursement.feel free to contact us privately. i cant answer about the 2 weeks but the sooner the better.

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    I did a short rehab in a model spine rehab center. I was very underwhelmed by what they offered.

    The best credential is the recommendation of a large number of other consumers.
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    I would second what Dr. Young said about Shriner's. They would not qualify as a Model System Center (as this requires an acute trauma hospital to be part of the program, and the program must treat all ages of adults), but that does not mean they are not a good program for children and adolescents. The same goes for Kennedy Krieger. Generally either Model System or CARF are good credentials to look for, but they are not the only determinations of a quality program.


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    An Article....

    Dear SharonD,

    Here is an article from Baltimore:

    "Most people with SCI regain some functions between a week and 6 months after injury, but the likelihood of spontaneous recovery diminishes after 6 months."


    My favorite Therapy/rehabilitation: Locomotor training

    It changed my LIFE.

    Hoping for the best recovery for your son,

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    is your son spinalcord also plays a part in recovery, you can have all the theraphy you can have but if its been damage bad enough to there is no signs of recovery within the six month, just to letting you know am one of those.... be patient and hope for the best! God bless!
    life begins when you walk in spirit

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    spent the last few days touring rehab centers on the east coast...very impressed with KKI mostly due to the hope, I did not feel they wanted to simply teach us how to live in a wheel chair...hoping I am making the best decision for my son. thank you all for your support!

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