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Thread: Heart Broken Daughter Recent T12

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    Thanks for all the information and suggestions. I read each post and take all your suggestions seriously.

    Without this forum I wouldn't have gotten this far.

    Looks like Jess will get her brace off in about 3 weeks. I'm hoping soon after she will be heading off to KKI. By the end of the week we should know what insurance will cover if any.

    We are holding off on the stair lift and home modifications until we find out how much we have to come up with for the equipment KKI suggests.

    Steve, I took a look your blog. Wow! Looks like you get around with that hand cycle bike really well. So cool! Maybe we will have to get one for Jess some day. Do you make very many hand cycles or just bicycles? I'm curious how much for a custom kids hand cycle.


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    Hi all,
    Patient's is the key! Kids are very resilant and after teaching for over 30 years I seen many amazing things they can do. After my accident we rushed to prepare the house for my homecoming. You never know what you are going to get back by the time you leave rehab, so that is what I mean by patients. I also am a T12 L1 fracture but I have regained a lot since the accident. I walk with crutches and was out of my chair by 7 months. There is hope and God does answer prayers. Keep very positive and keep your daughter as positive as possible. There are a lot of new things she will have to learn but believe me they are a quicker study than most of us adults.
    Many, many warm wishes, giver her our best hug.


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    She will be alright..

    Quote Originally Posted by gcblarsen View Post
    My daughter (10 years old) fell out of her 2nd the chair (might be too high).

    gcblarsen - she will be alright in 6 years from now. Keep the faith and hope in science. I pray her speedy recovery.

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    thank you van quad.

    it is great to know that jessica is doing well.

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    Jessica is really something. She has a great attitude. It has been harder for me. I'm more hopeful than I have ever been, but I wish I knew what the future will hold. She has movement all through her upper thigh (front) and around her knee cap on her left leg. We saw the surgeon again Friday and he was surprised. I noticed the other day that her feet were sweating, even on the right that hasn't returned anything. I didn't think they were supposed to sweat. She no longer needs her brace and is doing very well without it. We did find out that she is considered "complete" ASIA A. I'm not surprised, but it really doesn't matter how they label her as it is just a label.

    We are scheduled to go to KKI in March. We got a case manager from requesting one from my insurance company. She was able to change our benefits by making an agreement with KKI and my employer to cover it at 90%. I didn't know that would be possible. Now I don't have to go broke getting her there. We will probably get the case manager involved again to help getting her more therapies than the 60 per year my insurance covers.

    I'm determined to give her the best chance possible for recovery.


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    saw the blog and slideshow she seems like one amazing kid..a cutie out in a few years guys will be everywhere...i'm so proud of how fast shes progressing..give her a hug and high 5 from nathan in kentucky..keep the faith and work hard!

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    I appears that Jess is getting a little movement in her right leg as well. I noticed it a few days ago, but decided it must be coming from her hip. Now I'm thinking it is coming from the inside thigh by her knee. She still can't feel her right leg. I sort of thought it would come back like the left leg. Feeling first and then movement.

    Right now she isn't in any therapy. They ran out of appts and then discharged her. We have to get another prescription from the doctor to start therapy again. I don't get it. I found a therapist that is closer to the house so I figured we could go there. I called the doctor and she won't give us a prescription until we get back from therapy in Baltimore.

    She is turning into an L shape. She will no longer lay on her back to sleep. She sleeps bent like she is in her chair. We are changing the way we are doing the stretching so I'm hoping that will help. If we lay her out on the floor she arches her back and wants her legs bent. I would think her being in therapy would help all this. We see the doctor tomorrow so we will discuss it then.

    We got these great speedy compact self lubed catheters. She is able to use them on the toilet. I'm only helping with a mirror. One more small step to further independence.

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    Independence is so important! I am glad to hear that she is getting some improvement.

    I hope you can get some more PT scheduled. I think that will help more than working with you(stretching for instance). Kids always seem to work better for someone other than Mom or Dad!

    She should be able to learn how to cath without the mirror. Personally I find it a little tricky, but many woman manage to figure it out. This post by the nurse discusses it.
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    Praying for Jessica. She's progressing really good!
    I feel your pain. It's hard to see our children suffer.
    I hope she gets the pt she needs and enjoys her rehab.
    I have 12 grandchildren and will be sure to tell them
    not to trust the screens in their windows.
    Thanks for passing that info on.

    {hugs} Mona

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    Quote Originally Posted by gcblarsen View Post
    I appears that Jess is getting a little movement in her right leg as well. I noticed it a few days ago, but decided it must be coming from her hip. Now I'm thinking it is coming from the inside thigh by her knee. She still can't feel her right leg. I sort of thought it would come back like the left leg. Feeling first and then movement.
    I am a T12. My left leg is stronger than my right. However I have more feeling in the right leg so I often think it is stronger since I can feel more of what is going on. Good luck to your family.
    If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.

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