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Thread: My 17yr. old son - T12

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    My 17yr. old son - T12

    Hello, I'm new here, but I have read many of the threads. Here's the story. My 17 yr. old son was injured on a trampoline 3 weeks ago (11-22-08) He shattered his t-12 and I was told his spinal cord was compromised. In the ER he had feeling in his upper thighs and slight movements in the knees, below the knees he had a tingling sensation. He was also given the steroid injection. Finally, two days later, they decompressed his spine, 2 rods, 8 pins and screws. Three days later, he was evaluated post-surgery and had sensations on his bottom, the surgeon stated that he was incomplete. A week later, we were moved to TIRR in Houston and he has had no sensation or movement since. We've been here a little over two weeks and finally I asked his ASIA score and was told that he is ASIA A Complete. WHAT? I'm confused? I guess my question is "when is the appropriate time for an accurate ASIA test?".

    Also, he stated yesterday that he felt like his legs were cold. Also, last night while rolling him, he had sweat behind the knees where they were bent.

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    I'm am very sorry to learn of your son's injury. I hope and pray for a full recovery.

    Your son's situation sounds much like my own. I suffered a burst fracture at L1/T12 in a helicopter crash 6 months ago. Immediately following the crash and pre-surgery, I had feeling all the way to the bottoms of both my feet, although I had no movement. I was an "Incomplete". Following surgery (decompression, 2 rods, 8 screws), I was totally numb from T9 and below and was classified ASIA A COMPLETE. I was told by the doctors that I was probably in "spinal shock" and that this could last up to 12 weeks post injury. Since my accident I have recovered one level and am now a T10 ASIA Complete. I also sweat below my injury site, but my legs are totally flacid.

    I know that doesn't really answer your question, but thought you could benefit from knowing someone else out there is simular to your son's situation.

    The doctors did do an ASIA test on me every week for the first month and then it went to once a month while I was in the hospital.

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    The ASIA score is done mutiple times and uses the most recent assessment. Does he have any sensation when he is catheterized or in perineal area?That would e a B.
    He sounds like an ASIA A now, maybe swelling from surgery?? It doesn't mean he will stay that way forever.
    Ask to use the locomotor as soon as they will let you.

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    Also, Marilyn is the best SCI nurse at TIRR.

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    Only 3 weeks post injury!

    No sensation during cath. He's still in TLSO so they tell us they are limited in what therapy they can do until it comes off. We go home on the 23rd. and are supposed to return late January. We did get an approval for "at-home" therapy during our short visit home, THANK GOD!

    I just get so frustrated, I almost feel as though the surgery did more harm. He turns 18 this Friday and it's so difficult. HOWEVER, we serve an awesome God and we continue to believe in total healing. My son's strength is that of an army and his courage is that of a lion's den, he continues to amaze me.

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    Welcome and sorry about your son.
    My son was also 17 when he became injured from a gsw in 2002. T5 complete.
    If u have any questions, feel free send me a message.
    My mouth is like a magician's hat, never know what might come out of it.

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    I hope your son will get some return after the spinal shock. Good thing that you can convert your office into his bedroom.
    My son is C6/7, we live in one level home and we were able to convert 2 bedrooms into 1 bedroom plus a full bath.
    I pray for your son full recovery and for your family.

    Tim's mom

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    Where is he getting therapy from? Some places only teach the basics, if even, and others teach everything and how to get some recovery back. It's very important that he gets very thorough therapy and learn how to be independent as his age will mean looking at college and after high school.
    C2/3 quad since February 20, 1985.

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    TIRR Houston

    So far, they have been great. We do understand that this first found of therapy is designed for his caregivers and his independence, they're limited in what they can do until his TLSO jacket comes off.

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