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Thread: Do you have nerve pain after spinal cord injury?

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    Do you have nerve pain after spinal cord injury?

    Researchers are seeking volunteers to participate in a clinical
    research study for nerve pain after spinal cord injury. Clinical
    research leads to important discoveries that improve the quality
    of many lives. Participation may help to contribute to these

    This study is currently enrolling volunteers to evaluate the
    effectiveness of the study medication in relieving chronic nerve pain
    associated with spinal cord injury. As with many clinical research
    studies, the study medication will be compared with a placebo
    (an inactive substance).

    If you qualify to take part in this study, you will attend eight
    appointments over five months. Study participants may receive
    study-related medication, physical and neurological examinations,
    electrocardiograms and laboratory tests.

    Join our group today. Visit our website
    and learn more about this research opportunity for chronic nerve pain
    from spinal cord injury.

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    Is there payment for participation?

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    I'm wondering with whom this research is affiliated? Also, is there a seperation between actute and chronic injuries as well as completes and incompletes in this study? Is the study independent of a drug manufacturer or is it funded in part or whole by such?

    Given the link provided is a dot com and not a dot org or a dot edu, it seems a for profit group is involved in this "research". Is that a correct assumption?

    In other words, more information please.

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    They have a list of reliable centers participating, so I'm pretty sure this is legit.'s worse than we thought. it turns out the people at the white house are not secret muslims, they're nerds.

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    SCI study

    Yes there is a website that has more information about this clinical trial. It is sponsored by a pharmaceutical company. There is reimbursement for participation.

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    Do you really take money for participation in studies? We do it for free. They pay the taxi, that's all.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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