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Thread: infected toe? for nurse and anyone who can help!

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    infected toe? for nurse and anyone who can help!

    My husband is 1 year post injury T4 paraplegic.
    His left great toe nail has not been growing since spring. He went to the podiotrist a couple of weeks ago and was told it was find. Last night he noticed it was red and had drainage coming out of the top of the nail.
    He has an appointment this morning and I want to make sure he gets everything done that should be done.
    I am very concerned, what are the chances of this getting better?

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    toe nail

    sounds like an ingrown toe nail. We have been battling the same issue for some time. First just trying to cut the nail back so that it can grow above the skin, tried that twice, today we revisit the podiatrist I think to kill the root which seems to be the long term solution....hope the long term solution will help with spasms too as I know it can be a cause....we shall see....

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    You should be concerned, that can be very dangerous, thats what happened to me a few years back and the infection went into my leg and I got Cellulitus and I was in the hospital for a week and nearly lost the leg. He needs to get on Antibiotics ASAP and treat that wound with topical dressing and have it tended to so the infection does not spread.
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    I have found that a few drops of hydrogen peroxide helps some. When it hits the infected area it bubbles and cleans away some of the infectious material. Good luck.

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    Hope the appointment with the doctor goes well and it is nothing that can't be cleared up soon...I ran into town once, (20 miles, we live in the boonies) a couple months back...had my son up in his chair at the computer, he'd kill me for telling ya'll this but I will anyway...I had bought a bag of candy and he asked for a couple...I left the bag on the desk near him but not really reachable...he decides he wants more candy and in the process rams his foot againt the desk...he wears the podus type boots when at the computer and they are open toed...I come home and see friggin blood EVERYWHERE...he had on black socks, which was probably a good thing because a white sock would have been totally red..I freaked...I mean it was so bloody...taking his sock off...oooeeee...his entire big toe nail came off with the sock...was a day or so before we could get to the doc...and he told Joel he could not have done a better job himself...we were told to put neo cream which isn't as greasy as the ointment keep it covered for a few days and then let it air did take a few weeks to heal but we were fortunate no infection...the nurse who comes to change the cath told me to pour peroxide on it several times a day...when I told her the peroxide treatment was found to not be safe, she got pissed at me...the doc by the way, said never to use peroxide in that manner...the good news was this was a toenail that was constantly getting red and swollen and pussy (I had to laugh at that word) I guess I should have said "it would fill with pus, lol....anyways, the doc said if his ingrown toe continued to get filled with pus (lol) and the cutting of the side nail would not keep it from inflaming a toenail complete removal would be son saved us lots of money! sorry to have's an age thing...Hope you all have a Blessed Christmas! judy

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    A few months ago, our son had a couple of toes that looked pretty red, esp around the edge of the nail bed and one of them started 'weeping'. We had thought it was an ingrown toe nail. We took him to the Dr.s and got antibiotic cream but it didn't seem to do anything. Our nurse suggested soaking his feet in salt water a couple of times per day. Another said soaking in baking soda. We tried both and it works! We suspect this whole thing started with buying and wearing new shoes! Old home remedies might help a bit.

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    The podiatrist needs to be reminded that SCIers must prevent any ulcers on their lower extremities. Nails need to be trimmed and immediate treatment.Look at his footwear and make sure it is okay.


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    I had a big toenail get infected a few years back, all kinds of red and pussy. Told the Doc I couldn't feel that side. So he took a pair of hemostats and slid one side up under the nail, clicked 'em shut, and proceeded to pull my whole nail off.

    I went OWWWW. He looked at me with this OMG look and asked "did you feel that?". I said no, it just looked like it had to hurt. Big toes look weird with no nail. It took months but the nail grew back(but weirder in shape ). He said that the whole bed was infected and that nail had to come off or it would have caused big trouble. So make sure your Doc stays on top of your concerns.
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