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Thread: I'm a newbie

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    I'm a newbie

    Hi everyone, I just discovered this site, and I'm already impressed with the quality of information contained in these threads. I can already see that I have so much in common, and it's great to see others articulate about things that I experience, but haven't been able to quantify to my own doctors. I take morphine for "pain," although it falls short for some of the different pains I seem to experience. After 4 surgeries, my L4/L5 has been fused. I suffer from hip/leg aches and burning down my left leg. My hips oftentimes feel as though I've done the twist for hours on end, and a terrible sharp pain stabs my lower neck area.
    I mention all of this because someone in another thread mentioned that opiates aren't good for all types of pain, and I can attest to that. I've been on morphine for about 10 years, and have experienced a huge drop in testosterone. I now have hypogonadism and have to apply "clear," to make up for the loss. I have also developed osteoporosis and severe arthritis in my shoulders. I have become so discouraged when trying to identify the various "types" of pain and feel like such a whiner. I'm taking fosamax for my bones, and my doctor is ready to prescribe something for the arthritis. A recent x-ray showed several discs in my neck have excessive wear. As of late it's my shoulder(s) pain that has earned the top spot.
    I've read that arthritis can develop because of my back surgeries and subsequent problems. Anyway, it seems some of you have been able to define the different types of pains and medications that may be useful in targeting each of my specific pains. Finally, I would agree that lengthy use of morphine will actually decrease effectiveness of combating pain. They say I'm on the maximum dosage at the VA hospital. I take 60 mgs 4 times daily.
    Any opinions, suggestions or input greatly appreciated.


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    While I have a little arthritis, I'm no expert on it by any stretch of the imagination. Hopefully someone else can kick in with a better response. The burning pain down your leg sounds like a neuropathic symptom, but I can't say for sure about the rest.

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    Hi, welcome to cc! Sounds like you have some neuropathic pain with the burning sensations, the drug lyrica may give you some relief.
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    Welcome! Daves comment about the Lyrica was what really helped with the pain for my son...

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    Welcome Stretch, Hope you find info. to help the pain.
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    Sounds like neuropathic pain syndrome. Drugs like Lyrica, and Neuortin can sometimes help w/neuropathic pain. The side effects are aweful at first but most of them subside after several weeks. Morphine can actually decrease your tolerance to pain. Have they ever tried oxycodone or oxycotin? Have you tried alternative tx's like chiropractic tx, physical therapy, ultrasound, a tens unit, traction, heat/cold, electrical stimulation, massage, accupunture, etc...?

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    Welcome Stretch, I also agree it sounds like your describing neurogenic pain. Here's a very recent post Dr wise just put up, maybe this can help you.
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    Welcome , my friend, jus keep reading, these people know stuff.But remember, every-BODY is different. Good luck.

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    hi. .

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    Welcome, plenty of information here.

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