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Thread: IBOT closing down shop

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarkus View Post
    Very sad. Another example of great technology that never found it's way to those that could use it. Price and the fact that J&J was never great at marketing chairs.

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    One last time:

    Now the Ibot is truly a "Unicorn"
    Maybe GM or some other American manufacturer will use some of that stimulus money to try expanding their business. The way Honda makes autos, motorcycles, lawnmowers and generators. Diversification at its fullest. Until then "Viva la France"

    Poo on Johnson & Johnson and Medicare.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RANGER View Post
    My iBot had critcal errors from day one. I put it through it paces! It is 2 months old and is a great tool. I supervise homes being built and it is much needed as no one tends to buy flat lots anymore. They are picking the whole machine up this Thursday to get it fixed right. We are in luck for tech support, parts and on site help until the end of 2013. The factory will not build or sell anymore as of the last day of December. I will try to get parts wherever I can, but being the newest model with different arm rests, back and leg rests may prove challenging. There are plenty of machinests that can match everything, but it won't be cheap. I wanted the new docking for driving when I get older, but I'll have to build one of those too. As long as I have batteries and the software stays in tack it will last a long time! They sold the chair at a loss anyway and the extra strain put on the launch of the chair by the FDA was a huge hurdle. The stair climbing was the hold up. No deep pockets here to pick up the ball and run with it!!!!
    If you figure out the driving dock/lock thing, lemme know!

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