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Thread: california ideas

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    california ideas

    california gimps,
    annalisa and i are flying out to california for our honeymoon, we were thinking march or early april. anyway, we are going to fly into lax and then bounce up the coast.. couple days here couple days there. is that a good time of year temp wise, we wanted high 70's low 80's.........

    so now i need ideas on where and what to see. so far we want to go to santa monica pier, venice beach and hollywood.
    of course gimp friendly ideas hotels etc.


    we will have a rental car waiting at lax rep
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    Santa Barbara, San Simeon, Carmel, Monterrey, San Fran ~ depends on how far up (North) you want to go. April is generally rainy season, have you considered heading South like Laguna Beach (I go there every year), Carlsbad, San Diego, La Jolla, etc. Many, many options, depending on budget and time.

    If you do go North, you may want to stay at the Madonna Inn which is a kick for newlyweds. Good luck, congratulations, enjoy

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    First, congrats on the wedding. I saw your pics on the other thread...very nice

    March/April can be unpredictable in terms of weather. It could be very nice or rainy. Probably not beach weather.

    Is this your first time to California? If you've already been, what have you seen?

    You've really got two options...north or south (as Chris suggested). I love the drive up the coast, but Orange County and San Diego also have a lot to offer.

    A few suggestions:
    LA area: Hollywood (although I think it is overrated), Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Universal Studios
    Orange County: Disneyland, Laguna Beach
    San Diego: Balboa Park (lots of great museums and parks), SD Zoo, SD Wild Animal Park, Sea World, Old Town San Diego

    On the coastal drive north, the Madonna Inn is a great suggestion. Also, the Santa Cruz boardwalk is fun. I think you can also stop off in Monterey, which is really beautiful.

    If you go as far north as San Fran, Napa is a great place to visit and can be very romantic. I also love SF's Chinatown and the wharf area. Lots of fun shops and restaurants.

    If you need specific recs for restaurants or hotels, let me know in what cities. I can help with many in the LA/Orange County/San Diego area.
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    whew, lots of possibilities. To add even more options... there is also East. You're coming after the rainy season and the deserts can be in full-bloom depending on rainfall. Not that far out of LA, the desert can be spectacular in March and April.

    If you decide to go as far as Monterey, then you definitely need to drive Route 1 through Big Sur. You might have to be spontaneous depending on the weather.

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    sounds like we should go south then, huh. keep suggestions coming. thx all rep
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    If you want 70's or 80's in March and April, East may be a good idea. Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta, etc. has pretty spectacular weather that time of year. Nice resorts, restaraunts, and casino's as well.

    South will be warmer than North. San Diego's beach scene is much nicer than Venice and there are plenty of neat things to see, including Mexico.

    I just drove up to San Francisco over Thanksgiving - 8 hours. San Diego or Palm Springs is about 2 hours.

    Good luck!

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    Monterey Aquarium is fantastic if you make it that far north.

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    That can be the peak of the desert flower season if we have some decent spring rain, so you might want to consider Palm Springs, Anza Borrego State Park, Joshua Tree National Monument, etc. You would need to check on flower conditions. Lancaster area is good for CA poppies around then. You could combine this with Los Angeles (Getty Center, Hollywood, Santa Monica) and San Diego (Zoo, Wild Animal Park, Sea World, Balboa Park and its museums, etc.).

    Too early in the year for much in the way of water activities (swimming or surfing).

    The Madonna Inn is fun but VERY inaccessible (it is old). I would second Santa Barbara (lots of B&Bs and some are accessible), Los Olivos wine area, San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, Cambria (J. Patrick House B&B is accessible), Hearst Castle, Big Sur, Carmel and Monterey (Aquarium, 17 mile drive, Point Lobos, etc.). The Inn at 17 Mile Drive in Pacific Grove has an accessible room. If you like Steinbeck, take in the Steinbeck museum at Salinas. You could go on up to Santa Cruz and San Francisco from there.

    It would also be possible to fly to San Francisco and do the Napa and Sonoma wine countries and combine this with the north coast Redwood Empire for some beautiful scenery, but of course there is still a good chance of rain in March and even April in that area.

    It is a little early for Yosemite or Tahoe, which would also be an option, but only for the Yosemite Valley. Tuolomme Meadows is still snowed in at that time, as is the Tioga Pass road.


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    Oh, yeah, forgot about east! I think Palm Springs is a great honeymoon getaway and just 2 hours outside LA. There are quite a few accessible hotels out that way...Marriott in Palm Desert, Hyatt Grand Champions, Westin Mission Hills, and a few other larger hotel chains. I also managed to find one boutique hotel that has an accessible room with roll-in shower...The Colony Palms Hotel I haven't stayed there yet, but it looks great.

    My two fav restaurants out there are LG's Steakhouse and Las Casuelas. Both are unique to the Palm Springs area and very yummy! Also, on the drive out, you must stop at Hadley's for a date shake. They are soooo good, it is our tradition to make a stop of it
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    I think its cold in california even during the summer I'm freezing, it doesn't warm up until you hit palm springs. I love Palm springs, its the gay mecca, you must check out gay mart, its very cool.

    I would love to go to Catalina island again but I'm not sure how accessible it is. I went to the island when I was a teen and we took a boat, that was the best because we had those dolphin looking creatures swimming alongside the boat. And on the island you could cruise around in golf carts, eat al fresco, we even went on another boat that had a glass bottom that was trippy.

    I like the san diego area more that orange county, the zoo and sea world are fun. I never been to mexico so don't know whats there.

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