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Thread: Nortriptyline withdrawal?

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    Just a word about ALL tricyclics, including nortryptaline. It is a good idea to have a friend who is a dentist if you take any of them. They dry out your mouth and you get LOTS of cavities. There is a mouthwash of artificial saliva which helps but has the consistency of snot so it is hard to motivate yourself. They also make a little spray of artificial saliva which is lighter. Ask your pharmacist. No RX needed.

    Dentisty today is in the process of changing. It used to be filling, root canal crown. Now it seems there may be a shift right to implants and bypassing crowns because studies only give crowns about five years longevity on average, because the tooth is brittle and vulnerable. Implant science is progressing (current controversy how long you have to wait after extraction to put in the implant; also which material paste or foam hydroxyapetite works best), but they are so expensive. Since tooth problems are inevitable on trycyclics, and tricyclics might be a necessary drug for some, it would seem some insurance companies might pay for dental work, but this is not the case.

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    Has anyone been given this medication for anxity and trouble with sleep?

    Today I went to go see my doctor because I have been having difficulty sleeping and I have been expeirencing anxity and she perscribed me Nortriptyline. When I had a pharamacy consult the pharamacist seemed a bit surprised that the doctor perscribed me this medication for these symptoms. And after reading the side effects I'm somewhat leary of starting this medication. Any input anyone?

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    I'm on Trazodone for cronic depression, cronic insomnia & an anxiety disorder & I can tell when I've forgotten to take it, because I don't sleep. The shrink who prescribed it said he even takes it for sleep - that was good enough for me. Talk to your doc about it, but that's just my opinion & what's worked for me.

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    I have only been on nortriptyline 25mg for 35 days (for migraines). I had urinary retention problems from the start but stuck it out hoping the side effects would wear off and because of the additional benefits of sleeping well and waking up feeling "normal". I have been on 40mg Celexa for depression for years now. Although it keeps me at a sort of steady state, I still have depressive times where I wake up feeling extremely anxious and negative. The nortriptyine seemed to eliminate that. Unfortunately the urinary retention and associated pain made me stop taking the nortriptyline. It has now been just over a week since I stopped such a low dose and the early morning anxiety and negativity returned with a vengeance. This was accompanied by nausea and headaches (all lasted about 48 hours). It also took that long for my bladder functioning returned to normal. Still monitoring.

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    leaving nortriptyline

    I have been on nortriptyline for about a year -started with 10 mg at night, it was upped to 25. For months I have had such severe dry mouth I feel like I am going to die. It is ok during the day - but my dentist does not agree, my teeth are suffering - at night I keep waking up with my mouth so dry I feel like the Sahara all the way down to my adams apple. It usually happens two or three times a night. I have been feeling awful, tired, no energy for months. I went to my doctor and she suggested a humidifier. That is useless! still the same pattern. so.. 4 days ago I stopped taking it. I feel wonderful! I had a small headache yesterday, it is gone. I have more energy, ( the sloth has also contributed to my weight and I have lost two pounds this week). It was prescribed to me for pain reduction. It might have helped. We will see. I think more activity will help me more than the drug. Hopeful for a positive outcome.

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    Pemalor withdrawl

    I have been taking 10mg/day for three weeks and I hate it. Can I just stop taking it since it has been a short time? Thx

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    Just started nortripyline

    I fell hard in the middle of a flip and landed on my neck. I went 5 weeks with out any meds, then finally went to my doctor. I am now taking mussel relaxer, naporsyn and nortripyline. I am up to 2 10mg a night at bed time. I feel much better physically, but am concerned that I will need to take meds forever to feel ok.

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    Check for further discussions (it's a facebook group)

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    I was on 10mg of Endep many years ago right at the beginning of my journey with chronic pain. When the chronic pain got much worse, the first pain specialist that I had raised it up to 150mg! I must say that I slept well back then! Whether it did much for the pain, I am not really sure because I was on other meds as well.

    About 6 months later I saw another pain specialist and he wanted to change the Endep to Nortriptyline because he thought it would have fewer side effects (mainly constipation). My memory is a bit hazy on this but I think I weaned off the Endep first. However I didn't find that the Nortryptiline did anything so I stopped taking it. It could have been that it disagreed with me. However, everyone will have different reactions to things, so it might be an idea to run it by your Dr. and see whether maybe there is an alternative. It's not much good taking something that is making you feel worse. Especially if you are not sleeping either. I always reckon that a good night's sleep is gold when it comes to pain levels.

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