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    SAEBO Flex

    I have purchased a SAEBO Flex, which is designed to help regain hand function and elbo extension. However, my tone is rather strong in my hand. Due to this, the SAEBO finger componets are hard to use. My therapist is pushing me to get botox injections. I am checking to see if anyone could offer some different solutions.

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    why the hesitation?

    I have spasticity in my hands as well and botox was recommended in conjunction with a splint, not the saebo flex. I resisted the botox injections, didn't want "poison" in my body. In the end, I gave in and my only regret is not doing sooner. Whatever you decide, think about why all your options, and sorry to say, but there aren't many when it comes to addressing serious spasticity.

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    I am also thinking about botox. Did the injections affect your grip. I've gone thru many months of therapy to regain use of thumb and fingers and have a good grip. Still have great difficulty opening my hands though, hence the botox.

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    My grip was weakened somewhat, but not to the point of detriment. My grip was strong, but so was my flexor spasticity. There has to be a balance and realistic expectations. I knew that I couldn't have botox injected into my muscles without them being weakened, this was after all the goal, to lessen the contraction to lessen the spasticity and stretch out the extensors. Also, depends what muscles are injected and how much. What muscles are spastic? If those muscles are finger flexors, then yes, botox can affect your grip. Some botox could probably be injected with minimal to no change in grip function, but dosage would be key as would assessing how strong your voluntary movement is compared to involuntary spasticity. Whatever is done botox alone won't help if there is also muscle tightness and/or shortening.

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    I have also been getting botox injections for some time. I'm due agin on Dec 22nd. They have really helped me, as my fingers tend to tighten into a fist without it. That being said, I was searching for people who have tried the saebo flex. I'm not sure if it would help me or not. I still have trouble with extension, though the botox helps. One major problem is thumb abduction and flexion. It's frustrating, for sure!
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    botox question

    how long have you been getting botox injections? do you find that the tighness is getting better? after botox, can you use your hand more? does it help? Had a stroke a little over a year ago myself and still working on extension. Going for botox soon.

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