I think it would be wonderful to have a thread where parents with different abilities can share adaptive techniques & equipment for raising kids.

In my 2 years as a mother with an sci (c5-6), here are some things I've found useful:

The boppy breastfeeding pillow - great for breastfeeding & for carrying a small baby on your lap. When my baby was tiny, we had to add wedges to bolster the boppy to the right height.

accessible crib, shelving, changing table - my very handy dandy hubby built a whole unit using some wood, a basic traditional crib and wicker baskets. he altered the side of the crib that drops down to slide open to the side, and raised the crib to allow me to roll under, giving me full access to the baby. (of course, she ended up sleeping in our bed for easy nighttime nursing).

snuggli infant carrier - was the easiest to put on me. I kept it low enough so her weight was mainly on my lap, but she was still securely attached to me without messing with my balance. I needed help getting her in & out.

kelty kids backpack - I secured it on the back of my motorized wheelchair - shoulder straps over the backrest bars, waist belt all the way around my chair & me.

I do hope others will share their creative ways, especially methods for carrying a toddler on your lap through the streets.