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Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Doing lots of cycling this week - holidays and mostly beautiful weather outside :-). 60-80 km rides most days but this morning I discovered that I have cracked my AFO. Just the other day I was saying how great (and unbreakable) the u-beaut carbon-fibre/kevlar AFO was! GRRR :-(
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    30 min balance exercises with physio
    10 min elliptical in harness - my power
    45 min strength training - nautalis machines
    10 min rowing machine
    10 min recumbant bike - 5 min forward/5 min backward

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    Quote Originally Posted by arndog View Post
    Today -
    shoved 2 inches snow from driveway - 30 minutes
    elliptical trainer 60 min avg hr 119 bpm - good effort
    wanted to handcycle - but the day got away from me.

    Brock - the guy who made my bike takes your weight into account. I weight 145 lbs, 5'9'' so he used a tubing diameter commensurate with my weight . For your 185 lbs, he would use thicker tubing....
    Go Mr. Buck N. !

    Thanks Jon, thats good to know! i'll check and see if he makes knee bikes


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    60 - min recumbent stationary bike

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    60 min handcycle in garage avg hr 110
    30 min recumb. stationary bike
    20 pullups

    30 min walking snow blow driveway - couldn't do this for past 7 years until this recent surgery !
    This is like walking behind a shopping cart - I am happy I can do this without much pain !

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    Way to snow blow! That's funny to watch.
    I'm going to exercise, now.

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    Nice work Jon !

    Hope you are out skiing today

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    60 min elliptical
    16 min recumb stationary bike
    20 min snow blow driveway ( not really exercise)

    Skiing tomorrow.....
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    Hey, does anyone know if those devices that let you workout on a handcycle indoors would work for "attachable handcycles"? I have a Quickie Cyclone handcycle attachment and would love to be able to use it indoors when the weather is bad.

    The other day, I shoveled snow near the apartment's dumpsters. Upper body got a pretty good workout. My neighbors thought I was crazy to sit outside in my wheelchair shoveling snow, but hey, you have to get to the dumpster somehow.


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    Oh, one thing I wanted to let you all know about is, (if you can find one on Ebay or Craig's List) to try and find an exercise machine called the DP AirGometer.
    This exercise bike works your upper and lower body, and the lower body part is activated by pushing the upper body handles, so its excellent for paras and quads. It also has an onboard computer to change settings and track how many miles you've biked or calories you've burned. I found one of these last year at a Goodwill store and use this quite often.


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