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Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    30 min - handcycling avg hr 120 bpm steady pace
    30 min - circuit training lifting with 17 y/o son - too much fun. bi, tri, chest, dip , 30 pullups, woodchoppers, reverse flys with cable

    Buck N. - the humble band can be great work. Good job But there is no 'clanking' sound of manly metal with bands !

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    I did curls with 10 lb weights. I don't know what people call this other thing- upper arm above head, bend arm at elbow (10 lb)..
    I put a pillow on a table, leaned forward, put my head on the pillow. Then dropped my arms to the side and bent them at the elbows with weight.
    Then I moved my arms in different patterns for about 10 minutes. The music made it better- keeping rhythm.
    15 minutes- it's a start!
    BN- how do you use the bands?

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    Hey Rich, thats an overhead tricep press.

    Anywho, so-so chest workout saturday, my form was off and with all the holiday stuff going on I had problems concentrating. PLus I'm back on a foley and that always makes me self -concious.

    Yesterday was cardio and abs, tonight legs. Even not being able to do squats i'm getting some good size on them again by doing incline seated presses and hacks. so long as my back stays supported by the bench I'm good.

    I've a friend in Tulsa who thinks i'd be good at wheelchair bodybuilding. He's trained several in the area and wants me to look into that.

    Happy Monday


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    Last few weeks i was very lazy,going on holiday tom so will swim everyday,hopefully put off some weight.Will let you know when im back.Enjoy

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    have the girls this week cuz there on winter break and I'm on vacation so just going toe stretch at home. Last week I did 205 on incline and did max of 40 pound dumbbell curls. getting close to doing what I did before the injury. Just have to work on more cardio getting a gut. Any ideas to get rid of gut I cant work out outside these says I live In Huntley, IL so we have at least 6 inches of snow a week these days. Tring to get some sort of`arm bike but need a cost effective one. Xmas is hurting without the sidework money I used to bring home before injury.

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    30 mile bike ride saturday morning and 3 hours of archery saturday afternoon. Slept well saturday night.

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    Thanks for posting RJP - yeah, I think the best investment you could make is some sort of arm ergometer, whether it is a handcycle and a mag trainer for the winter or just a desktop arm ergometer. Para gut and quad gut are difficult to get rid of because of weakness of the rectus muscle. There are good threads on para gut or belly if you search. But I found that the big change has to come from dietary intact to match the new life of inactivity (compared to AB).
    Hi Brock and Riaan...

    60 min elliptical trainer avg hr 130 bpm
    60 min handcycle indoors - avg 125 bpm [ did one 15 min tempo effort ride avg 139bpm} otherwise just aerobic levels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pararich View Post
    BN- how do you use the bands?
    From my chair, I hold one end of the band in each hand and curl 20
    reps, alternating arms between sets. My trainer holds the middle of
    the band under his foot and will stretch it for more resistance. I do
    20-15-10 (reps) three times per arm. It burns and my arms are super
    solid afterward.

    I'll reverse my grip on the band for forearms, but do the same

    I don't use bands exclusively for arms because they only offer
    so much resistance, but I use them more than free weights.

    This is sort of what they look like.

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    Decent leg day yesterday, tho my legs are still small for my upper body and probably always will be, but as long as I keep them strong I can manage my balance and walk a fair bit, just don't call me "speedy" anytime soon.

    tonight is shoulders, then tomorrow i do back and bi's some cardio too.

    Arn, i really lust after your new bike, i just wonder how it can handle a big guy like me. Leaned out I still hover around 185.



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    Today -
    shoved 2 inches snow from driveway - 30 minutes
    elliptical trainer 60 min avg hr 119 bpm - good effort
    wanted to handcycle - but the day got away from me.

    Brock - the guy who made my bike takes your weight into account. I weight 145 lbs, 5'9'' so he used a tubing diameter commensurate with my weight . For your 185 lbs, he would use thicker tubing....
    Go Mr. Buck N. !
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