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Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Tuesday evening:

    Behind the neck presses, standing row super setted with bentover dumbell raise, Incline shoulder press (reversed), standing curls with cambered bar, preacher curls with regulation pre-loaded straight bar, incline hammer curls.

    My buddy Mike (AkA "Sparky") holds my shoulders to keep me from tottering over on the standing work.

    today, cardio and abs

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    75 toe touches (OUCH!) & walked 1 mile (OUCH again!)
    Getting harder to get back from my going out...

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    question for all. I am working out 5 days a week and not losing any weight. i am assuming that logic prevails and that my caloried intake is too high but having an SCI has done something to my metabolism like slow it down because I have been burning quite a bit of calories at the gym.

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    Choped down another tree branch to make better plums. Hard work.

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    Why exercising without sex? Seems to me the most in this thread is afraid of sex.

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    Hiyaz There Everyone
    For the first time in many years I walked slowly on my elec treadmill I managed holding on to the railings rails of the treadmill I pushed liike 200 steps .
    I can not do it without holding Gripping on the handrails .. I wont push myself but it's a first for me and I am excited even if I cant feel my body from the neck down .
    Felt weird but I wanted to get the blood circulating in my legs

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    Lol eif hi
    you made me laugh
    I aint afraid of Sex
    Speaking about myself I like sex I guess thats a good workout
    Does it qualify ? lol

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    Today - 2 hour handcycle ride with 2 other buddies. 20 miles, lots of climbing in the reno hills. Maybe 2300 ft of climbing. Good stuff.

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    sex applies - have a good 'workout'!

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    I can't hardly move today - crutch walking to the bathroom & back was about all I could barly manage! Fell last night, bulging disks now ruptured, but apparently aren't messing with the cord yet.

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