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Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Light for me chest- 225 for reps, then inclines and incline cable flies, tricep kickbacks and pushdowns supersetted with pullovers, then abwork with my suspending ab straps.

    emailed Jason Greer for input on shows, training, pre comp prep etc.

    for other sports, see my rant in equuipment


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    Quote Originally Posted by steve garro View Post
    great place! there are miles & miles of sweet trails from the summit just before you start descending to the falls. Mammoth would be an awesome place to ride the One-Off & go canoeing. i used to hang out there allot!
    I ride my handcycle on the regular bike trails in Mammoth from time-to-time. Definitely lots of mountain biking opportunities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arndog View Post
    I used to love Minaret lake accessible from Devils Postpile. Climbed the 5.8 route on Clyde Minaret back in the preSCI days.
    I see all the trails on the maps and would love to do them. When we came across the PCT on the way back my wife asked, where next, Canada or Mexico? I said the car was the only place I was headed

    Pre disability days for me was 10 years old. I'm sure that I would have been a trail and back country junky. I ended up riding dirt bikes to take me where my legs would not. Now it is often a Jeep.

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    Spent three hours Kayaking on the Owens river today. Lots of fun... even with my wife ramming me about 50 yards into the run and sending me over

    Most of the workout came from getting the kayaks into and out of the water and just the subtle exercise that comes from 3 hours on the water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rev Coleen View Post
    Thanks for the info, where can I get them? And I tried push ups & sit ups today, almost managed one of each - ugh
    Here is a web site for the Fetterman Crutches and accessories.

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    Noon Today I went on my leg machine
    Again reps of 15 at a time leg flexes
    All together 150 leg flexes Hydra Gymn leg machine

    Stood up and held on to my walker infront of a big fan cooling down
    Did hamstring stretches
    Drank Gatorade and took my time

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    did a really, really hard one-off ride yesterday. 4hrs of all singletrack - tight slots, boulder fields, 2-wheel handplants, long loose rocky climb - in the high 80's @ near 9000ft. i was/am pretty spun out........

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    Nice everyone.
    Sunday - 3.5 hr handcycle - 40 miles. in Reno

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    I actually did 50 standing toe touches & walked 1 mile - I'm pooped!!!

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    Moderate leg day- back to the squat rack. 235 lbs for 5 good reps after pyramiding up from 135.

    then high weight high rep incline presses till i'm doing 680 lbs for 10 reps.

    calf presses and raises, and extensions, then home for bacon wrapped fillets and grilled sweet potato slices.

    tonight is shoulders and bi's


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