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Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Back work in an Un-airconditioned gym. Off the floor deads, to 315 max for reps, then seated rows, wide grip pulldown, narrow v-bar pulldown and shrugs

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    Did a 2.6 mile roundtrip "crutch walk" to Rainbow Falls here in the Eastern Sierra. Painful! I am good for about a quarter mile then the pain and spasticity kicks in. I think I dragged my legs for over two miles

    These legs aren't made for walking! I think I will stick with the handcycles and gym for exercise.

    On the plus side, that is the longest trail walk I have ever done in my life and I am 47.

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    395 - Where is Rainbow Falls?.

    Today, with lief's inspiration of 'moving grass', I did the weed wacking and fertilizing plants. Man, that was hard, should have had my HR monitor on.
    Tomorrow - 4 of us are going handcycling - definately will try to post a photo...
    Go Cave(Brock) !

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    Quote Originally Posted by arndog View Post
    395 - Where is Rainbow Falls?.
    Rainbow Falls is near Devils Postpile National Monument outside of Mammoth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by My395 View Post
    Rainbow Falls is near Devils Postpile National Monument outside of Mammoth.
    great place! there are miles & miles of sweet trails from the summit just before you start descending to the falls. Mammoth would be an awesome place to ride the One-Off & go canoeing. i used to hang out there allot!

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    ARNDOG - I finally found a medical supply site & ordered the gel gloves - should be here in a week! YES!!!
    My youngest & I walked for 4 hours (shopping & just walking) - wore myself out, have no idea how far I went, but I sure was walking! (with forearm crutches) I have the bruised palms to prove it! It was worth it, though. Also, I got a pool noodle at the dollar store & cut it to fit one of my 2 pairs of crutches' hand grips - my oldest is going to 'break them in' for me, as I have small hands & they're a little too big for my just now - they need softening up, but they'll work until the gloves come. Thanks for the great tip on the hand grips!

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    I used to love Minaret lake accessible from Devils Postpile. Climbed the 5.8 route on Clyde Minaret back in the preSCI days.

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    Gym friday - more core and upper body. Still can't switch on the glut and hammie is weak, but the core soreness isn't so bad the day after so obviously getting stronger. Saturday was a 20km time trial with our vets club (over 35's) and I was fastest female but missed the age standard (so they work out your time compared to an age and sex standard time) by 6 sec for 2nd place. Today 2hr easy ride plus helped out with the local juniors - so 'racing' on little gears (the juniors have rules about which gears they can use) which certainly gets the legs moving and heart pumping (maxed out at 150 rpm). Packing up the bikes to head off on the next stage of my 'journey' - into cycling camp then onto world paracycling championships in Italy. Thing I'm most nervous about right now is surviving the long haul flight!

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    you guys (and gals) amaze me! My 'bike' is a 125cc, and they won't let me on it right now - my brother chained it up & took the key! Probably for the best, but right now crutch walking is the only exercise I can manage. Some day...

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    Today I did some arm flexers and then was working on my legs but this heat is horrible so I took it easy

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