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Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    here are a sample of the photos

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    and just a few more - I know this is turning into a travelogue - but I did crutch walk 4 hours, 2000 ft climbing from 103000 to 123000 ft. So it was a workout, I swear......

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    Excellent work Jon !

    Alpentalic, that is a nice-looking machine

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    Great photos Arndog! The San Juans are a wonderful place. The wife and I were married in Ouray.

    I can certainly understand your excitement to get out there on the crutches. Hooray!

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    Just got a new time-trail bike (well, its been lent to me for worlds) and the new carbon fibre leg brace has been finished so no excuses now! Two weeks to go before we head into camp for three weeks, then over to Italy for the big event.

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    28 miles on the handcycle yesterday morning. Nice ride but I have to get up early to beat the heat.

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    9 hours in the canoe yesterday! hope to ride the one-off tomorrow..........

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    20km of motor pacing behind a motorbike - average hr 170, max 177 (my max ever seen on my HR monitor is 181 so needless to say - ouchies!!). At one stage I was doing almost 65km/hr (40 Mph) on the flat!

    Gym work - mainly upper body and core - is going well. I think I am actually fairly strong around the core, its more stability around the pelvis that lets me down a bit.
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    6 hours in the gym today. 4 of our posse show up so we go ahead and train, then as I'm picking up to leave here comes my slug-a-bed training buddy, soo I have to train him on everything we just did....

    plus it was POWER Chest day

    Bench, floor presses, dumbell press, incline bench, incline cable flies, tricep pullover, push downs, incline dumbell tri press.


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    Another 26+ mile ride on the handcycle.

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