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Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bailey5774 View Post
    My question is because I'm limiting the amount of food I take in (trying to lose weight) What can I do either before or after pt to make sure first I'm burning the most amount of cals and gaining everything else I need after a workout??

    I would def do interested in going 3x a week but that's not possible. Any suggestions?
    I'm still trying to loose wieght for cycling, but training hard at the same time is tricky. I'm probably burning a lot more calories, but I find you really need to have enough fuel in the tank to do a good workout (so some readily available carbs before - but relevant to your specific energy needs), and then replenish the carbs within about 20 mins of a hard workout. The rest of the time I stick to smallish very low fat meals (like a peice of fish or lean red meat with vegetables or salad). Snacks are things like carrot sticks, maybe small bit of cheese/nuts to stop myself getting to hungry. And I find staying away from breads, normal potatoes and other high GI foods also helps a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by live2ride View Post
    (so some readily available carbs before - but relevant to your specific energy needs), and then replenish the carbs within about 20 mins of a hard workout.

    So have some pasta or multie grain bred before and after working out?? I try and eat salads several times a day

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    I often train in the morning - in which case its just a small bowl of cereal/porridge with honey in the winter (I choose muesli or oats with no sugar or additives though). Thats enough to keep me going for a hour or two. Then it might be a small tin of creamed rice for example (or down to the cafe for a skinny coffee + maybe banana bread or even just a banana). I just try and stay away from normal bread entirely as it makes me bloated and doesn't help with bowel issues for me.

    It doesn't have to be a lot - just enough to give you the energy to really put in 100% for the workout you do. The theory is that the muscles store glycogen, that gets used up as fuel during the workout, then you have about 20 minutes where carbs will replenish those stores most effectively. Building more muscle mass on the muscles that do work (not necessarily bulking up, but just having toned muscles) burns more calories every minute of the day which help maintain/lose weight.

    It might seem that I do a lot now, but two years ago I was over 70kg and about 35% bodyfat and struggled to ride 10km, now I am down to about 62kg and 18-20% fat (this is pretty reasonable for a female) and regularly clock up 100km on a ride. But its been a very slow, gradual process - no fad diets just sensible eating. Think it took about 12 months to lose the first 5kg, and then another 12 months to just drop 3kg. Be patient and persistent.
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    yesterday, a whole day canoeing. sweet!

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    Did bis/tris on the new Bioforce machine I picked up. Not bad so far. Picking up some select tech dumbels from Bowflex for 200 bucks. I didn't ask what truck they fell off of or nothing.
    What ever doesn't kill you makes you stronger

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    If anyone is interested here is a copy of the powerlifting program I have undertaken ( I am Steven on the list ) ,mostly amputees but a couple of paras on the list. All weights in kilograms.

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    3'20'' handcycle ride with another local para. Did 38 miles, average 10.4 ish mph. Here's to handcycling and endorphins !

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    Hey Yall

    20min on spin cycle
    Worked w/ total gym
    Finished off with crunches

    After all that I took my daughter to get WII fit. They dont make those in a para friendly version.

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    Today I was standing and streching my muscles puttin my fists down to the ground
    Then I went to my Hydro gymn leg Flexator and did 100 leg pulls working my theigh muscles and abdomen pretty hard


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