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Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Monday- Light (ish) legwork. leg extensions, light presses, sissy squats on Smith, ham curls, calf presses.

    Tuesday- Arnolds SS with delt raises, pec dec SS with machine shoulder press, Standing camber bar curl, preacher dumbell curl, standing cable curl, cable crunches.

    This AM - 30 min cardio, mix of walking and recumbent stationary, leg raises SS with crunches.

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    Lifted a birch branch away

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    3hrs. on single track on the one-off........

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    Crutch walk 2 hours today. Elliptical Trainer 1 hour. Yesterday - 2.5 hr handcycle ride - 27 miles. Ramping it up, nothing really hurts (yet).....
    Go Steve...... And Leif....

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    90 km including 30km race (came 3rd) on Saturday, 100 km flat ride on Sunday, 5 hills reps yesterday (leg fatigue started kicking in about the 3rd rep) and recovery ride for an hour today. Cycling is fine with the new AFO, but walking keeps aggravates the sore on my heel so trying to avoid it as much as possible.

    Motor pacing tomorrow behind a motor bike, then 4 days of training camp on the velodrome (track).

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    MON: legs, light Squats for reps and stretching, leg presses, hacks for size, then extensions, ham curls, adductors and calves.

    TO DAMN hot here! 105 yesterday, office never got cooler that 85! I cant gain size in this weather.


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    Quote Originally Posted by cavemuscle View Post
    TO DAMN hot here! 105 yesterday, office never got cooler that 85! I cant gain size in this weather.

    LOL - it wasn't that long ago that you guys were all complaining it was too cold, and I was having a whinge that it was to hot. I've switched most of my training to lunch times as its too hard to get going when its sub zero outside (degree C - so frosty).

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    just got back from a 2 hr handcycle ride. Love riding in the cool of the morning - Although the high temp will be 90, the day starts out at 55. Typical high desert.

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    Hi I'm 13 months post t4 level. I go to pt 2x a week and workout for about 1 1/2 hours each time.

    I usually start out with therabands working the arm muscles, then I move to the table mat do most of my transfer myself from chair to table mat, then my pt does ROM for legs and hips, I then move to long sitting to stretch the back of my legs, I then get on the edge of the table and use push-up blocks and slide up and down the table, then I move to a rugby chair and push for about 30 min or more depending on time.

    I am in a power chair full time at home. Looking into getting a manual for part time.

    My question is because I'm limiting the amount of food I take in (trying to lose weight) What can I do either before or after pt to make sure first I'm burning the most amount of cals and gaining everything else I need after a workout??

    I would def do interested in going 3x a week but that's not possible. Any suggestions?

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    Yesterday was forecast for 8C with showers/hail or snow about 1000m. Turned out to be a lovely sunny afternoon with not a breath of wind. Perfect for riding so spent an hour or so just enjoying a ride before cranking it out behind the motor bike (motor pacing drills) sitting on about 92% of max heart rate for around 20 mins. I think I have racked up over 400km the last few days and am absolutely smashed today - in a good sort of way.

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