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Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    handcycle - .5 hr
    crutch walk 2 hours with dogs, wife, and son (father's day)
    stretch while watching UFC fights on TV

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    rode the one-off 2.5hrs on single track. bumping it up a few gears & feel strong just in time to go to wisconsin for 10 days of kayaking & boating on the mississippi...........Steve.

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    Have a great time up in Wisconsin, Garro.
    Today (so far)
    Elliptical Trainer 60 min
    Handcycle 30 min

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    Glad to hear that you are back at it Jon !

    Went climbing in the Sierra foothills (Tollhouse Rock) and Yosemite Valley the weekend before last -

    Led 5.6 - 5.7 trad and a couple of 5.8 bolted routes (barely )

    Last weekend climbed Mt. Shasta again, via Hotlum-Bolam Ridge -

    The night before was stormy, but summit day dawned clear and cold. Went with two other people this time -- they had never been up Shasta before, and it was great to introduce them to the north side of the mountain

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    I don't know, but, why are my workouts not near as nice as Mt. Shasta? Today I changed a water pump in my 2001 Dakota pick up, fought all the way. The only thing close to Mt. Shasta was, my father driving me up something higher than Mt Shasta.

    I did get to the point of aggrevation that I didn't stomp my feet, for the first time in 5 1/2 years I actually jumped up and down, twice but I did it. Putting the whole mess back together without 20 different tools I didn't want, and in the back of my head I can still hear my brother telling me to "sell them all, You'll never use them again"

    Bozo, I do and I keep buying more. That along with "you'll never walk again" from the SCI Doc's I don't think they knew what they were dealing with.

    Soothed by Patti Smith singing "Gloria" followed up by "Pissing in a river" I slammed the hood and took off to check for leaks. Left a little rubber at the end of the road, I just turned 50 the other day???? God it, feels ggood to be 18 again. I'll never grow up, that would have made sense. Hmmmm,,,, maybe I should have sold all that equity in tools and equipment?

    Tuesday, boat day, gotta make some money. 4 A.M. gotta check the fish traps. No time for idle projects, that's what the fall is for.

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    Love those mountain photo's too. I don't know alhavel - but your workouts sound pretty intense and lots of hard work to me! Love the 'feels good to be 18 again' LOL. I finally got in to see my Dr for pressure sore on my heel - first time I've seen her in over 6 months and when I told her I'd made the national team for paracycling (at the tender age of 42) her jaw dropped so far it almost hit the floor! So I have the back, bladder and walk of an 80 yo, but the head, heart and lungs of a 20 yo.

    4 x 6 min reps of a local hill climb today after 30 min warmup, then 30 min warmdown. Got the new AFO to try out - not as flash looking as the old one but boy is it stiff and feels very secure on the bike. Could even get some out of the saddle climbing going without looking like a total gimp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by live2ride View Post
    So I have the back, bladder and walk of an 80 yo, but the head, heart and lungs of a 20 yo.
    LOL, me too! i always tell people i am "the healthiest fucked-up person i know" i get to brave the Phoenix, Milwaukee & Lacross airports tomorrow - probally the biggest workout of the summer, but then it's 10 days of paddling & fishing on the mighty Mississippi river. see you all with a report on July 7th. keep rocking, everybody! Steve.

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    Mon: Legs- warm up with extensions, thigh curls, adductors, then the big show with incline leg presses and heavy walk-outs, finished with calf raises.

    Tues: shoulders and biceps- Speed presses in the Smith Machine, supersetted lateral and front db raises, then standing curls followed by heavy heavy preachers. Finished up with cable crunches.

    Today: 30 min cardio, floor abwork, waist twists holding a 45 lb plate.

    Got asked again when my next show is. Not for a year guys I want another 20 lbs on me off season so I can diet down to around 200 and be cut.


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    pics brock, fury or not. lets see what u got rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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    I dug my fly-fishing rod out of the garage and practiced false casting for an hour. 'seemed more like meditation at the time, but now i'm feeling it in my post. deltoid : )

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