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Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Some Jogging and walking 1000 steps, this is my regular routine.

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    3.5 hours upand 45 minutes down
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    5 miles on my bike got home just in time storming now

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    Made a new toy. Quarter mile best distance so far. Few bugs to workout yet.

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    Swam 20 laps.
    T3 complete since Sept 2015.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodgrip View Post
    Made a new toy. Quarter mile best distance so far. Few bugs to workout yet.
    Wow. Totally impressed, both for the ingenuity of creating the setup and for slogging out a quarter mile. Good for you!

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    I use the 7-minute workout app every day.
    It's simple and easy to do every day.

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    3/week trips to Planet fitness where I lift weights for 90 minutes, with 10% of energy devoted to transferring on and off machines.
    The other days I exercise on the floor or use the exercise bike. Actually I use the bike every day because I can read scifi novels at the same time.

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    After 6 years of no riding, I finally fixed my handcycle and am starting back up again. I moved to the desert near Terlingua, TX. Had my first ride Tuesday of last week of about 4 miles. Yesterday got about 8 miles in. Gonna take a few weeks to get back in shape looks like. But it is a great feeling to finally be riding again!

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