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Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    SW Colorado---chair user from nerve disorder
    A mile and a half push on the bike path. Where are all the quad peeps? We need to have more of a presence here

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    I have been off the bike with pressure sore for a while but that seems sorted and I just need to work on some fitness. I got out for four hours on the One-Off yesterday and the day length is getting longer so hopefully this was just an appetizer for things to come over the summer:
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    Nice pictures there, Adrian. Thanks for posting. Sarafino, yes there has been less activity in this thread. Not sure why. Good to hear from you DanF and all that you have been doing. I'm still active. Hit the gym a lot this winter. Have managed to ski 18 days in spite of work, neuro pain and weakness. I pushed the number of runs up to 22 last Friday in spring conditions. Took two quick breaks. 4.5 hours of skiing. For me a record. Loads of neuro pain later in the day. Almost couldn't walk. Very tired on Saturday but managed a little yard work and a short mtn bike ride. Push through the pain and old age, that's my mantra.
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    Started going back into my cardio training this week finally! Did 45 minutes thursday and yesterday on my indoor handbike trainer felt pretty good the 2nd time i added some wrist weights to increase difficulty. Next training is probably weight training shoulders/back with bands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Revis View Post
    , yes there has been less activity in this thread. Not sure why..
    Tired of being the only one posting, and I "see" most of you on FB
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    After a long winter of indoor rowing and weight lifting, I'm back out in the racing chair and on the handcycle. I have the usual line up of spring races in May - a couple of 5Ks, the Colfax Half Marathon, the Bolder Boulder 10K, and my local sprint triathlon. It's good to see the sun, the flowers, and all the bikers out again.

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    Indoor skydiving at iFly. Not much of a workout but it was a lot of fun. They accommodated a C7 quad well and without much fuss.

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    Three hours on the One-Off today:
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    Colfax Half Marathon (Denver) this morning. Six handcyclists and two pushrim racers. Both of us are older women, which I found sort of interesting. I won, mostly on account of the fact that at 56, I'm 23 years younger than my competitor - I totally want to be her when I grow up!

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