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Thread: What workout did you do today?

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    Winter Ride

    It's been cold and icy in Boise for a while, and I have been going a little stir crazy, mostly trapped indoors. Today I braved the elements and got out for a ride. There was enough ice free pavement that I made it all the way out to the dam, a 26 mile round trip. I saw some pretty ducks, mergansers and buffleheads.
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    something I've discovered in the last couple months...a therapy ball. the roll-outs are helping me, for sure. Never knew how to do this stuff before, I met a rather gifted trainer lately. I've gotten to the point where I can do a shoulder press with a light weight (3lb) sitting completely upright in my chair, without touching the back. So 4 sets....therapy ball, roll outs straight on until failure, at a 45 degree angle, to fail. shoulder press, hammer curls, tricep extensions, arm curls, light weight, no support until failure. Walking in braces, 30 minutes. I'm trying to incorporate a 2nd workout at night with crunches, but with work, it aint happening...yet. but soon.... at T5 this is very challenging for me

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    Good to read that you got out on the bike, Cajun. We've had so much snow, ice and rain there is no way I would try biking. But I miss it. Have been going to the gym for the weight machines, walking and riding a stationary bike. Have made it out skiing 8 times now. With new grandchild last week, and loads of work, I haven't been able to do as much as I would like. Today I have a cold, and all systems shut down. I can believe how stiff I get with increased spasticity just from a head cold...Could work out there, JakeHalsted. Those rollouts are tough. My PT had me doing those along with planks to work on my core strength after I was injured. Glad to hear that you are walking up to 30 minutes with braces.
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    How's everybody doing?

    I've spent the last couple of weeks hunting for a new car, as we've decided to stop pouring money into my 1999 BMW wagon. It's been surprisingly hard to find a car that is low enough to get into easily (I know lots of folks are happy to haul themselves up into minivans and crossovers, but my 56 year old shoulders aren't getting any younger) but has enough room for the toys.

    Much to my own surprise, on Wednesday I bought a used Prius wagon. Never thought I'd own a hybrid, but it's the right height and size. Hand controls will be installed this Wednesday or Thursday, and then I'll start figuring out this whole hybrid thing.

    In the meantime we still have snow on the ground (nothing like the East Coast today, though!) so I'm sticking to lifting weights and indoor rowing. I've got two rowing competitions coming up in February.

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    Small pressure sore on my backside so not doing much at the moment. The fact that the weather has made Noah's effort seem like a sunshine cruise has helped cope with the inactivity. I reckon another couple of weeks and I should be back on the bike.

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    Sorry to hear about your pressure sore, Adrian! Keep off that backside and let it heal. There will always be time in the future (spring! it's coming!) to get outside.

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    A few new activity ideas here:

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    Hi everyone - thought I would check in. My trajectory - still learning to ocean kayak. Gravitating to northern california coast. I am selling my handcycle- don't want to be on the road while people are texting so much with smart phones.
    Had a recent deep blister on my heel from a new AFO that I foolishly walked with and didn't remember to check my skin - ooops. Grade III Wagner decubitus on my heel - can't put any pressure on it, can't put on a AFO or shoe , need to suspend it at night so it doesn't contact the bed or sheets, and can't ski or kayak. Otherwise I feel great. It took 2 months to heal the heel ulcer - seems like an eternity.
    Will be back in a boat next week. I'll use a 'Krankcycle' and therabands - in the meantime. You can really do a lot with a simple theraband if you are creative - even at a desk job.
    Hope all is well with all my friends out there.

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    Hey, arndog, thanks for checking in. Sorry to hear about your heel! Interesting that you've decided to get off the road - I replaced my ancient Top End XLT Pro with a Force 3 a couple of months ago and am having trouble getting used to being so low (even though I've got the back as high as it goes). I won't be back on the water until May, but I'm looking forward to it, too!

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    Glad to hear from some of you guys. We've finally had some warmer weather here, so I've gotten out on the trike a good bit. Have some longer rides planned for the Spring. Otherwise sort of sticking to my routine of pool, gym, yoga, walking, and stretching. Some weeks are better than others , but this year is OK so far. Love hearing what everybody else is up to.

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