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    This morning I had a sculling lesson on launching and docking. I docked a bazillion times. I am now officially scared of the dock (not really). Most of my docking attempts wound up with me too far away from the dock to actually dock, but too close to get away again for another try. I had about 3 good ones.

    Weights are still going well. I made it up to 45 pound dumb bells for the incline chest press. Fifty pounds, here I come.

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    Just got back from Crested Butte, CO where I took part in the 2015 Off Road Handbiking Championships. Three events; hill climb, XC and downhill. What a great event and people and scenery! I was in the ebike class where we quads cranked along side of the "young paras"! It's hard to breath at 10,000 ft!

    Jake O'Connor was impressive in the downhill just smoked everyone! Drew Wills won the hill climb and Seth Arsenaux (Sp?) won the XC. I won the ebike class, but I think my highlight was finishing 5th OA in the XC race! I finished 1 sec ahead of my friend "young para" David Poole!

    Pic at the finish line of hill climb.

    Very cool! My friend Dan Marshall was there, too.

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    Spent most of Friday on my feet, cooking (traditional Caesar salad with homemade dressing, croutons, breaded chicken fingers...then biscotti). Followed this with 45 mins of yoga and realized I can do a hamstring move I wasn't able to accomplish before. Forgot to take Tylenol last night and woke up feeling like a 90-year-old. Wait... I always feel like I'm 90, so make that a 105-year-old. Blasted nerves. Never know what they're gonna dish out. Lying here, listening to the rain.
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    Truly, so glad to see you posting again! Congratulations on the hamstring improvement. It's funny, I just bought a tube of anchovy paste and made Caesar salad, too. Biscotti sound yummy.

    Oh, right, workout - took the dog for a nice 5.5 mile handcycle ride. The weather has cooled down a little and it was beautiful, but we're definitely getting smoke from the west coast. I can't imagine what it must be like for those closer to the fires.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katja View Post
    I can't imagine what it must be like for those closer to the fires.
    I did two years as an initial attack Hotshot - it was really something.

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    I got in an hour and a quarter on the road yesterday. Not a long ride and not fast but that was the first time back on my bike since breaking my shoulder and ribs earlier this summer so it was good to be out.

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    60 minutes at the gym today. I plan on going again tomorrow.

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    Been out pruning again several hours a day for the last several days trying to get this yard back into shape. It got away from me when I broke my hip in 2011. And it's taken me this long to figure out how to do the pruning without being able to stand up or climb a ladder. If pictures are decent, I'll post some before and afters when I get far enough along.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    I finally got out in the woods again - 4hrs hard on trails

    Man??..I have a ton of pruning to do = going to wait until thanksgiving so I can recruit my nephews into helping!!!!
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    4 year anniversary this weekend:

    Today was supposed to have been a wash out. Maybe that’s why it seemed so beautiful – crisp dry breeze, wispy clouds surrounded by searing blue, a slight touch of autumnal burnishing. A great day for a ride, albeit a recumbent trike ride.

    It brought me back to a similar day in 1984. Another late summer ride, but in Colorado. I rode out of Aspen alone. Ended up being one of those Holy Grail days: amazing weather, heart breaking scenery, good legs, endorphins. I finished with the road up to Ashcroft, an abandoned mining village cradled in a small valley up near the tree line. The combination of the unbelievably clear sunlight, coolness of the air, and the shimmering golden Aspen trees -all in that sacred ghost town setting - was the perfect end to the summer. A gift, but one with a trace of melancholy.

    So that memory hit me today as I rode on another late summer day. The bridge of remembrance brought a rush of feelings: 30 years of happenings, hopes and dreams, opportunities taken and lost, rejoicing and regret. Somehow the end of summer seems like more of a transition than other points in the year that are billed as such. Towards the end of the ride, I was just grateful to have been out with the wind behind me and the road rolling under me, taking it all in.
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