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    Pat, do you have more pics from that trip? And, did you rent that bike from the Adaptive Center and how hard was it to ride? My husband and I would like to go out there and ride some of their trails.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revis View Post
    Beautiful pictures of wonderful places to be outdoors, gvinton. It's great to hear from you again. Early on your story of making significant progress gave me hope. I'm glad to hear that you are still making progress 14 years later. Nice beard, too!
    Thanks Revis! I'm glad I was able to provide some hope. I looked for similar stories early on looking for inspiration myself. It's good to see you doing well and great pics!

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    Good to hear about the yard-work workout, nonoise. I can identify. I have too much yard to deal with as a sci guy, but grudgingly admit that it is good exercise. Yesterday I cut the front yard, edged, blew away the residue and then sprayed for weeds. Took a long break and then did 19 miles in smokey conditions on my electric assist mountain bike.

    Congrats, patd, for your accomplishments at Crested Butte. That must have been a blast. 10,000 feet!!! Yikes. Bring on the oxygen.
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    First the explanation: I have a fairly high maintenance yard which is both a bad thing and a good thing. The good thing is that I do enjoy working in it and that work provides a measured exercise without overdoing which I have been severely warned against. The bad thing is of course the yard outruns me. I wanted to show some severe and dramatic pruning I did but without "before" pictures, there was no drama. However today I weeded 3pm to 7pm. This time I flopped myself off the chair and dragged my ass around to where the action was using a spade to loosen the soil. I'd shake the weeds free and store them in a garbage can lid until it got full, then flip it into the can. Today I collected one full can, musta been small weeds. But it was a workout for me and I feel better now than I did this morning. It really is a workout. Just getting my arse back into the chair is a chore.
    I know it??..I have two houses, one 1/2 acre with wild flowers, and one 1.25 acre with almost 40 fruit trees - I've been drying & canning since June, and man I got some pruning to do once the leaves fall.

    I like to keep busy as it masks the suck


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    Man, lots of awesome new stuff to check out and get ideas and inspiration from. Thanks for all the posts everybody and to Steve for prodding us bit.

    In the past 2 weeks I have returned to using the Alt G anti-gravity treadmill. You basically are zipped into a big balloon while on the treadmill; you can control how much of your weight is supported, from 0 to 80 %. It allows you to walk faster and to concentrate more on technique and gait mechanics. I'm going to try to do this for 30 minutes 3 times a week for a while. Thankfully, a local PT practice has one of these and is making it available at a nominal fee. My wife is my toughest observer and she seems to think this is really helping my walking.
    Otherwise, I'm chugging along with recumbent triking, yoga, lifting, and lots of stretching.

    My next idea is to locate and start using a whole body vibration plate. There is some relatively new research on using these devices to specifically help gait and spasticity in people with SCI. The good devices are really expensive, but there are some affordable ones on amazon. Anybody have experience with these? I used one briefly early on while still in in patient rehab and really liked it.

    I wish I could do some yard work. My gait is limited enough that trudging through grass is pretty difficult. Maybe it will come.

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    I don't post much but, I check in once a week to see what everyone is up to.
    Been busy, working, swimming and mountain biking once a week.

    Photo is from my son's wedding rehearsal last week. My granddaughter and I went out for a stroll.

    Video is from a downhill flow trail ride Pat and I did mid July off the Baldy ski mountain.
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    I had read a research paper years ago that concluded that repetitive motions could help with spasticity. I ride a bike lots and have seen some improvements in leg spasticity. I haven't done much with my arms until recently when I have started including rowing machine and SCIFIT arm bike when I go to the gym. It will be great if this can help a little with the tone in my neck and shoulders.
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    Smoke continues in the unhealthy range in Eastern WA and North Idaho. outdoor activities. Nuts. Went to the gym night before last for full upper body workout. Sore yesterday. Last evening went to the gym and walked on the indoor track for 1 mile. Then 20 minutes on stationary bike.

    I think Cajun's concept of repetitive motion makes sense. I always do better when I'm more active than when I'm sedentary.

    Nice picture, Jett, rolling with your beautiful granddaughter. That's special! Very nice downhill run, too. Wish I had trails like that on our local mountain. Motorcycles keep them all torn up.
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    Love those pictures tks

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    Got in a quick mellow 2.5hrs as I had so much to do.

    I work 6 days a week on top of two yards & an orchard and ride one, and usually build up days off (I'm my own boss) to go on trips.

    I am always tired, damn tired - buy never sleep well.

    Sleep when I'm dead I guess - after biking is some of the only solid sleep I really ever get.
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